There are ten times as many police cars in communist Cuba than there are ambulances

Ambulances join medicine, medical equipment, facilities, and doctors as one of the many deficiencies in Cuba’s much vaunted socialist healthcare system. But they do have plenty of police cars.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Doctor laments there are more police cars than ambulances in Cuba

At the “medical power” several people have died waiting for an ambulance

Cuban gynecologist Manuel Guerra laments that the government procures ten times as many police cars to use for oppressive acts than ambulances to deal with emergencies among the population.

The physician went on Facebook and said when he has requested an ambulance to transport a woman in labor, it always takes a long time to arrive or sometimes never arrives at all.

“We’ve had to deliver babies at the local clinic where adequate neonatal care is not available, depending solely on the work of fellow medical professionals that thank God, along with my colleagues, there is an abundance at my clinic,” said the doctor.

He wondered why police cars and the busses carrying state-organized mobs never take long in arriving when a citizen standing in a line becomes brave enough to say the truth about living on the island out loud.

The gynecologist asked: “Why didn’t the agents who disappeared Luis Robles take long in showing up? Why did it take less than 3 minutes for the police car to arrive at my home when I was taken away for no reason at all on November 29 after simply for expressing myself freely on social media?”

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  1. I trust no one here is surprised. I mean, it makes perfect sense and, frankly, it’s naive, not to say childish, to expect otherwise. Remember, it’s ALL about the prime directive, NOT about the welfare of “the people.” Castro, Inc. has its priorities very, VERY clear, certainly for anyone who cares to see.

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