Aggressive South African variant of coronavirus makes its way to Cuba

From our Bureau of Bad News

As infections and deaths continue to increase in Castrogonia, the dreaded South African mutation of the plague has popped up on the island, This strain spreads more easily, might be more resistant to vaccines, and could have a more devastating effect on those infected by it.

From NewsGhana:

Cuba and Panama have both identified their first cases of the coronavirus variant that emerged in South Africa, the health authorities in both countries announced on Friday.

In Panama, a 40-year-old man from Botswana who had come from South Africa was found to be infected with the variant.

He had been isolated since entering the country on January 5 – first in a hotel, then in a hospital after testing positive last Sunday.

In Cuba, a traveller who had been in South Africa and was discovered to be infected with the mutation though he had no symptoms of Covid-19, the disease caused by the virus.

Those he came into contact with have tested negative, health authorities said. However, it was not ruled out that the virus in its mutated form was already circulating on the Caribbean island.

South Africa reported the new strain of the virus late last year. It is said to resemble a mutation that emerged in Britain, but has evolved independently.

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  1. Remember, “the people” do NOT matter, except insofar as the regime can use them to its benefit. It’s all a sordid, obscene game absolutely ruled by the prime directive, which DOES matter–it is EVERYTHING.

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