Video of the Day: Cuba Decide’s Rosa Maria Paya talks to Democratic Spaces

Democracy activist and founder of Cuba Decide, Rosa Maria Paya, talks to Democratic Spaces about growing support for freedom in Cuba in Canada.

I had the immense pleasure of talking with Rosa María Payá, founder of the Cubadecide citizen initiative about the event with Global Affairs Canada on January 19, 2021 and more broadly the efforts undertaken by Cuban Canadian activists to exert pressure on the Canadian government to recognize the dictatorial nature of the regime clinging on to power in Cuba.

This is a translated version of most portions of the interview. For a full length interview in Spanish see at Cubadecide´s Facebook page and Youtube channel

The interview was also streamed by Radio Martí on Saturday, Jan 23, 2021.

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  1. The Canadian government cannot recognize the true nature of Castro, Inc., since that would mean acknowledging it has been collaborating with evil, which does NOT fit its narrative or self-image. It would also make the entire Trudeau family look like, well, like what they are, but that doesn’t mean they want that.

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