Cuban American attorney and tireless advocate for freedom Nilda Pedrosa loses battle against cancer

We were saddened to hear yesterday that Nilda Pedrosa has passed away after battling an aggressive cancer. As an attorney and a leader in Miami’s Cuban American community, Nilda was known not just for her tireless advocacy for freedom in Cuba, but also for being one of the nicest and friendliest people you could ever meet.

Via ADNCuba (my translation):

Cuban American Nilda Pedrosa, who last September was appointed as interim Sub-Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy under the Trump administration, died from cancer over the weekend, according to South Florida political figures.

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush was saddened by the “very tragic” death of attorney Pedrosa, who for many years lobbied congress to promote democracy in Cuba.

El Nuevo Herald reported that Pedrosa was one of the main individuals responsible for working on political policy on Cuba in both the Senate and Congress, describing her as a “prominent Cuban American leader from Miami.”

“She died way too young. We will miss her very much. Prayers for Eliot [her husband] and their children,” said Jeb Bush on Twitter.

Former congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen said Pedrosa passed away “due to an aggressive cancer,” was married to a high-ranking official of the World Bank, and mentioned her twins who were born recently.

“Nilda was a strong Republican leader from Miami who worked in DC and was a warm and loving person,” she wrote on Twitter.

I had the honor and pleasure of knowing Nilda for many years. She was a wonderful and sweet person who always tried to help everyone. She was, as some would say, one of the good ones.

May she rest in peace and may God grant her family strength and comfort during this extremely difficult time.