Cuban regime announces new animated series aimed at children on the life of dictator Fidel Castro

Because under socialism, food, healthcare, and housing are nowhere near as important as the indoctrination of your children.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Animated series on the life of Fidel Castro to premier on Cuban TV

The Animation Studies department of Cubavision Channel have announced the premier of an animated series — aimed at Cuban children — on the early life of Fidel Castro.

According to a report in the state-run newspaper Granma, the objective of the animated series is to “bring children closer to the humanity of the Revolution’s leader and his treks throughout the countryside.” The series will focus on the years between 1932 (Castro’s childhood) to 1962 (approximately the date when the dictator admits to the world his true intention of turning Cuba into the only corner of communist in the Western Hemisphere).

The Animation Studies at Cubavision Channel have been dormant the last seven years, but like magic, the funding to restart production appeared when the project to create an animated series on Fidel Castro was pitched.

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2 thoughts on “Cuban regime announces new animated series aimed at children on the life of dictator Fidel Castro”

  1. Lord have mercy! In life, the beast used to shamelessly state [despite all of the posters of him all over Cuba] that there was no “cult-to-the-personality” of himself on the island! I see that his family is still trying to sustain that supposed non-existent cult-to-the-personality of the beast. Of course, there is not end to this. It’s like beating a dead horse. How dense can that regime be? I just marvel how they always bark up the wrong tree. Instead of spending all of the time, energy and resources trying to brainwash the masses, maybe they should actually do something good for the people. That might go a long way in having the people view them more favorably. It boggles the mind.

  2. They do this shit because this is what they know and what they have to offer. They still act as if it were 1965. Their whole outlook is the same, which is why Cuba remains trapped in a timewarp. There’s no way they can get Cubans to buy this crap now–except for innocent children, who are being targeted for a reason. My mother always dreaded the garbage that could be implanted in her children’s minds, which is a huge reason she was desperate to get them out of Cuba before it was too late. Thank God she succeeded.

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