Cuban government seems to cave in to some of the demands made by striking coal workers

Cuban slave making “artisanal” charcoal

From our Bureau of Shocking, Depressing, and Confusing Neoslavery News

Shocking! Castro, Inc. actually made some concessions to end the coal worker’s strike in Last Tunas. This is unexpected and unprecedented. Castro, Inc. usuallly doubles down on repression when anyone steps out of line.

This is very weird. Why make concessions? It would be much easier for Castro, Inc. to jail all these men and replace them with more obedient and grateful slaves.

Depressing! Castro, Inc. has only agreed to a very minimal raise in the coal workers’ salary, which will still keep them on the brink of destitution, like nearly everyone else on the communist slave island plantation. At the current rate of exchange, a monthly salary of 2,100 pesos equals about 40 U.S. dollars.

Confusing! Castro, Inc. paid each worker 1,000 immediately in order to end the strike, but this pay was a LOAN they will have to repay on “easy” terms. This is very difficult to understand, any way one looks at it. Castrogonia is a lot like Bizarro World in old Superman comic books. Everything is the opposite of what one would expect on earth.

You go on strike. Your employer lends you some money you have to repay and promises to pay you minimum wage, and this is enough to make you end your strike.

But…. Ah! Let’s not forget the Ministry of Truth and its nearly infinite number of tricks….

As ever, socialist social justice is anything but real justice. Looking beneath the glossy veneer is always necessary. And a “concession” is not necessarily a concession, but a propaganda ploy that hides some kind of punishment below the surface.

Accept my loan, or else !

Abridged and loosely translated from Diario de Cuba:

The group of Cuban charcoal makers, which was on a “work stoppage” due to low wages, this week managed to get the directors of a state company in Las Tunas to yield to their demands, reported Radio Televisión Martí.

On Monday, at 10:00 AM, “the management authorities of the Empresa Integral Agropecuaria de Las Tunas appeared, right there in the coal warehouse where they work … They took 1,000 pesos on loan to the charcoal makers with easy repayment options , a change of clothes, also a pair of shoes, as well as a nail file and a mocha, “said Apostolic Pastor Yoel Demetrio, president of the Missionary Church of Cuba.

The directors pointed out that as of next February 10, the charcoal makers will get paid 2,100 pesos, the minimum wage in Cuba, “and that overproductions above that would be paid extra, as a stimulus,” said the pastor, whose congregation supported the strike.

The charcoal makers agreed to return to their posts on Tuesday, despite the fact that the managers did not agree to pay the extra for coal exports.

“They (the managers) told them that of the total exports they would be paid a percent at the end of each year, but that in reality almost no coal is being exported now. They (the charcoal makers) have already decided to return to work to to be able, then, to meet and surpass quotas, and to be able to charge extra above the base salary, “said Demetrio.

“The case still cannot be closed, but there is no denying that they gave in, they caved in to our demands, and they are afraid of us.”

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Good boys, carboneros! You know how the saying goes: “no justice, no peace.”

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  1. I think this is a cosmetic “concession,” which I’m sure is less than the workers wanted, but I expect they were told crumbs are better than no job and/or being found in violation of some bogus law or other.

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