Cuban dissident artist ‘El Sexto’ convinces New Orleans restaurant to replace mural of Fidel with pigs

This is the “feel good” story of the day, the month, and so far, the year!

Via Cuba en Miami (my translation):

El Sexto convinces owner of a New Orleans restaurant to take down a mural of dictator Fidel Castro and replace it with one of pigs

Cuban artist and activist El Sexto convinced the owner of a restaurant in New Orleans to take down a mural of dictator Fidel Castro and replace it with a mural of pigs.

“When you’re visiting New Orleans and you come across a business displaying a dictator, you explain to them who he is and what he did. I told him I had paint and it would be my pleasure to paint some beautiful pigs on his wall and he accepted,” said El Sexto on social media while he showed himself painting over the image of the deceased Cuban dictator.

Later on in the video, El Sexto displays his finished work of art, showing pigs where Fidel once was shown.


The restaurant that agreed to allow El Sexto to paint over the mural of the dictator is Hi-Ho Lounge, located at 2239 St. Claude Avenue in New Orleans, Louisiana. Hi-Ho Lounge is proud of New Orleans’ musical heritage and considers itself the place for underground alternative art, hosting live musical events every night of the week.

Continue reading and see video of the artistic transformation (in Spanish) HERE.