Female dissident artists arrested by Cuban State Security were sexually assaulted

Camila Lobón and Celia González, artists sexually assaulted by the PNR.

In communist Cuba women are sexually assaulted by police simply for opposing the regime. This is what the “social justice” promised by socialism and socialists really looks like.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Young artists were sexually assaulted by the PNR after their arrest at the Ministry of Culture

The feminist group “I Do Believe You in Cuba” denounced on Wednesday that officials from the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) sexually assaulted two young artists arrested after a violent incident in front of the Ministry of Culture (MINCULT).

According to a post on the organization’s Facebook page, the officials forced artists Camila Lobon and Celia Gonzalez to strip naked and then, according to the victims, searched their genitals “looking for recording devices.”

Although the acts appear to have been carried out by female officials, they are still being classified as sexual abuse, made worse by the fact it was perpetrated by public servants.

The abuse of authority reached even higher levels after the current Minister of Culture Alpidio Alonso, accompanied by other officials, physically attacked activists who were waiting outside the ministry after they had been summoned by the vice-minister Fernando Rojas.

Regarding the arrests, the organization also expressed its opposition of the State using women to attack other women, calling it an example of the lack of freedom of expression on the island since all the abuse of authority came about for mere political motives.

“We also regret the secondary discrimination inherent in the practice of using female police officers to attack women who think differently,” said the post.

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1 thought on “Female dissident artists arrested by Cuban State Security were sexually assaulted”

  1. Castrogonia is ruled by a gerontocracy and a thugocracy. The coarse and overt vulgarity that prevails, which can get downright sleazoid, is intrinsic to Castroism and has always been evident–which is hardly surprising, since its maximum exponents, the Castro bastards, came from white trash, albeit moneyed.

    This latest example may or may not have been sexually motivated, but even if it wasn’t, it was certainly meant to humiliate and degrade. It fits perfectly into the Castro ethos, such as it is.

    And by the way, all foreigners who rationalize this sort of thing away and/or continue to enable Castro, Inc. are also vile and sleazoid, regardless of position, status or reputation, including “His Holiness” Papa Che.

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