Petition calls for removal of Cuban ministers and ‘president’ Diaz-Canel

From our Bureau of Gallant Quixotic Gestures

If you would like to feel like Don Quijote today, go to and sign the latest petition aimed at curbing the misbehavior of Castro, Inc.

The petition stands as much chance of achieving its goal as Don Quijote did when he charged the windmill, but it might make you feel somewhat empowered, at least while you’re doing it.

Read the petition and add your signature HERE

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

A petition on the platform is demanding the resignation of Cuban Minister of Culture Alpidio Alonso, as well as Vice Minister Fernando Rojas, brought together almost 1,000 rubrics at the end of this note just hours after the head of MINCULT and Vice Minister Fernando León Jacomino physically assaulted DIARIO DE CUBA journalist Mauricio Mendoza and two dozen activists from 27N were forcibly detained outside the headquarters of that Ministry.

The petition also demands the resignation of Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez “due to his inability to dialogue with the citizens who peacefully demand the end of police repression, corruption and abuse of power.”

“The aggression carried out today by officials of the Ministry of Culture against artists and intellectuals to whom they are owed is unacceptable in any circumstance or country. The Ministry of Culture has proven to be a more repressive body of the State, not an institution at the service of Culture and Cuban creators. Enough of lies and defamation! “, says the text.

“In a normal country, Mr. Alonso Grau should have resigned. The images of the minister physically attacking people who demonstrate peacefully in a public space, is one more example of the intolerance of the officials of the Cuban regime. This government that interrupts the internet service, to hide its outrages, is the same government that occupies a seat on the Human Rights Council, “recalled Alejandro González Raga, executive director of the Cuban Observatory of Human Rights.

Read the whole article HERE in Spanish