Shocking! Unfair! Canada shuts down travel to Cuba until April 30


From our Bureau of Great Disappointments for White Supremacists

Canadian white supremacists will have to find some place other than Castrogonia for their dream holiday this winter.

Awww. Poor Canadians. How will they cope with this disappointment? Imagine being denied abundant sunshine and the thrill of feeling superior to dark-skinned savages who cater to your every whim and are incapable of enjoying the same rights and privileges as you because they are so obviously inferior.

Darn! This means that Canadian newspapers will also face a dearth of stories about ruined dream holidays in Castrogonia.

And Castro, Inc. will surely miss the cashflow generated by a million Canadian tourists.

Sad, sad day for Castro, Inc., apartheid tourism, white supremacy, and the exploitation of slave labor.

From Q Costa Rica

Starting February 1, Canada, which is Cuba’s largest tourist market, closed travel to the island nation through at least the end of April. The stiff action was taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Cuba itself announced Saturday a drastic cut in flights from numerous countries including the USA, Mexico, Spain and Panama.

Hungry for tourist dollars, Cuba’s state tourism industry was giving special preference to attract Canadians, which included a free PCR test upon arrival. Other visitors are required to pay for theirs. Last September, when Cuba reopened its airports, Canadian tourists were the first visitors allowed.

Now the hope to receive the snowbirds is shot for Cuba’s high tourist season. Easter vacation travel is also out.

Canada is not singling out Cuba, the cut in Canadian tourists is global, the country announcing last Friday the suspension of flights from Canada to Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. The move is to deter sunseekers from flying south and to slow the spread of more-transmissible variants of the coronavirus.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Friday that WestJet, Air Canada, Sunwing, and Air Transat all agreed to suspend flights to the popular winter getaways until April 30.

3 thoughts on “Shocking! Unfair! Canada shuts down travel to Cuba until April 30”

  1. They’ll be back as soon as they can, and Castro, Inc. will do all it can to bring them back. Cretins.

    And by the way, this is still Trump’s fault.

  2. Can you imagine how Canadians would virtue-signal about NOT spending a single cent of their vacation dollars in Castrogonia if it were a right-wing dictatorship? Sure you can. So can they. Miserable hypocrites.

  3. And of course, that pasty white tourist is NOT indulging in racist stereotyping. It’s just fun ‘n games. I mean, don’t you see how happy the slave is, how delighted to demean herself to amuse Massah’s guests? Why, she looks downright grateful. All she’s missing is a big slice of watermelon for a perfect picture.

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