Cuban dissident rapper and prisoner of conscience Denis Solis describes his violent arrest

Not that you’ll ever hear BLM or The Squad say a word about it, but this is how Cuba’s socialist revolution treats Afro Cubans who dare to step out of line. This is the “social justice” and “equality” of socialism.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

In November of 2020, the rapper was violently arrested at Compostela and Conde in Old Havana as he walked down the street.

He was charged with contempt and on the 11th of that month, sentenced to eight months in prison in a summary trial held at the Municipal Court of Old Havana.

He was later transferred to the Combinado del Este, a maximum security prison in Havana, and since then has had little communication with this family, who were not given access to the details of his arrest.

In this latest phone call with his uncle, Solis confirmed he was a victim of a vicious beating during his arrest.

“It was violent [the arrest]. Three large men beat him so hard that his knees buckled and his arms went limp, and he says it caused him to defecate. It happened literally just like that, he told me,” said [Solis’ uncle] Gonzalez.

He also said “he was nearly asphyxiated, and he felt strong heart palpitations, that it was an extremely bad experience.”

The arrest, said Gonzalez, took place in plain daylight when he was on his way to share some bread and was jumped by three men in street clothes that got off a car with a private license tag.

“People around them were screaming to stop hitting him and the men identified themselves as agents of the DTI [Technical Department of Investigations] or something like that, and they came down on him with extreme violence, as if he were someone who was armed, or something like that,” he explained.

The rapper was arrested and charged with contempt right after he posted a video on Facebook showing him kicking an agent of the National Revolutionary Police out of his home who had broken into his home without any authorization.

You can read the entire account (in Spanish) HERE.

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