All Cuba visitors must now pay 5-day quarantine hotel stay costing $283 – $846 daily, per person.

First Class Luxury Quarantine

From our Bureau of Great Profit Opportunities During Deadly Plagues

Castro Inc. created a plague monster by inviting foreigners to visit their “perfectly safe” slave island plantation. The end result was a huge spike in infections.

Now they’ve found a way of milking that monster they created by forcing all visitors to stay quarantined in Castro, Inc. hotels for at least five days.

The prices are steep, as one might expect. So, Yo-Yo’s and apartheid tourists, be sure to add these figures to your travel budget. With a minimum five-day quarantine, these accommodations are going to cost you anywhere between $1,415 and $4,230. If you’re not traveling alone, count on spending a lot more for your mandatory quarantine.

Ka-ching! … And don’t forget: Castro, Inc. is likely to find reasons for extending your quarantine.

Third Class Bargain Quarantine

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba:

The state-owned agency Havanatur offers packages for the mandatory isolation by Covid-19 of non-resident Cubans and foreigners who arrive in Havana as of today. The cost ranges from $ 283 to $ 846 per person, depending on the category of the hotel and the room.

Havanatur points out that the offer is applied “directly to Cubans residing abroad, and foreigners who arrive in the country not being part of a tourist group.”

All packages include “the transfer by air-conditioned bus from the airport to the reference hotel and accommodation at the hotel for five nights with breakfast, lunch and dinner service”.

The cheapest accommodation option is at the Hotel Vedado: $ 283 per person in a double room. In the case of a single room, it goes up to $ 369.

The most expensive package is at the Parque Central Hotel. A single room costs $ 846, while a double goes down to $ 656 per person.

At the Meliá Habana a double room costs $ 599 and a single room costs $ 771 per person.

A double room at the Comodoro Hotel costs $ 311 and a single room is $ 369 per person.

At the Hotel Capri a double room costs 503 dollars per person.

Havanatur sells mandatory isolation as the “Cuba is Health” experience. However, the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) decreed a quarantine for foreigners and Cubans not residing in Cuba. From this Saturday, those who arrive in Cuba will have to wait five days in isolation, until the result of the second PCR test is available.

The Ministry of Tourism of Cuba reported that in addition to the web pages of Havanatur, Cuba Travel, Cubatur and Viajes Cubanacan, travelers “will be able to buy their packages at the sales bureau that is located in the airport arrival hall,” according to the Varadero Airport on Facebook.

The isolation will be free for Cuban residents, doctors sent to other countries and foreign students, but it will not be in hotels.

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  1. People willing to play ball with Castro, Inc. deserve to be ripped off and exploited–I have ZERO sympathy.

    But really, who the hell would agree to this? Well, OK, maybe Canadians are big enough cretins.

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