3 Cubans fleeing socialism stranded on deserted island for 33 days, find life much nicer there than in Cuba

From our Gilligan’s Island Bureau

Three Cubans — two men and one woman — who tried to escape from Castrogonia in a small boat ended up marooned on Anguilla Cay, a small island in the Florida Straits.

No word yet on when they will be returned to the socialist slave plantation island from which they tried to flee.

No word either on whether or not anyone will try to turn this story into a Cuban version of Gilligan’s Island (La Islita de Yiligán) or the less well-known movie Survival Island (Tremenda Jeva, Tremendo Rollo), which is about two men and one woman stranded on a tropical island.

The coast guard personnel who rescued them were amazed by the Cuban trio’s survival skills, which means that the rescuers know nothing about daily life in Castrogonia.

From Granma Ultra-Lite (Associated Press)

Two men and a woman who said they had been stranded on a deserted island for 33 days were rescued after they waved flags to get the attention of a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter crew as they flew over while on a routine mission off the Florida Keys, the agency said.

“We were alerted to them by the flags that they actually had in addition to a large cross that they put out there for themselves,” helicopter pilot Mike Allert told WPLG.

Allert said he decided to fly back around Anguilla Cay to investigate and a crew returned to the island later Monday to drop water, food and a radio.

The trio was stranded on an uninhabited Bahamian island between Key West and Cuba, the agency posted on Twitter.

A helicopter crew returned Tuesday to pick them up.

Coast Guard officials tweeted that the trio was from Cuba. They told officials their boat had capsized in rough waters and they were able to swim to the island.

The trio told the crew they had survived on coconuts, conchs and rats, news outlets reported.

They were taken to the Lower Keys Medical Center, where none appeared to have serious injuries.

“I cannot recall a time that we saved people who were stranded for over a month on an island,” he told the newspaper. “That is a new one for me.”

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