Cubans suffering through water shortages while battling a raging pandemic

Decades of socialist mismanagement and corruption has left many cities in communist Cuba facing water shortages or no access to water at all.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Santa Clara facing water shortage in the midst of a complex epidemiological situation

The water crisis in Santa Clara is not due to a drought or empty reservoirs; the problem lies in the inefficiency of the local government that for years has not updated the water installations or the pipes, said residents of that city to Radio Television Martí.

The reservoirs that supply water to the provincial capital are full, but the pipes that transport the water “are very old, they are broken, and most of the water leaks into the streets,” said activist Yoel Bravo Lopez.

The “water leaks out and hardly any of it reaches homes,” And in most of the higher elevation areas, “it doesn’t get there at all,” said the activist.

Dally Rodriguez, a housewife and mother of a young child who lives in the El Condado neighborhood, said that what is happening is “terrible,” making it difficult to maintain hygiene since there are few containers to hold the water that arrives “every four or five days” in her neighborhood.

“People have to store in whatever they can find,” she said.

Up until now, many have been getting their water from private wells that their neighbors have dug, but that alternative has become complicated over the past year because of COVID-19.

“Many of these owners won’t allow others to use their wells,” she explained.

In other areas located on high elevations, they sometimes go 15 days without water, “so you can imagine how difficult everything becomes,” added Rodriguez.

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