700 pounds of contraband rodent and crocodile meat seized in Cuba, smugglers arrested

From our Bureau of Socialist Social Justice Starvation Diets with some assistance from our in-house Expert on Black Market Shenanigans, Dr. Agapito Palangana De Asco

Here’s a glimpse of the desperation gripping Cubans right now, and of the government’s attempt to crush the black market. Rodents and crocodiles being smuggled, not by land, but by sea. This is all for internal consumption on the island, not export.

Hell on earth.

From CiberCuba

Several people were arrested in the Mayabeque province after the Batabanó Border Guard Troops unit confiscated 175.05 kilograms of crocodile meat and 143.1 kilograms of jutía meat during a maritime operation.

The criminal investigator of the case revealed – in statements to Cuban Television – that a total of 23 crocodile tails and another 58 cut pieces of the same animal were seized.

The director of the National Office of State Inspection in Mayabeque specified that the confiscated crocodile meat corresponds to an endangered species that is in “permanent ban”, since it is known as the “American crocodile” (Crocodylus acutus).

The report specifies that the border guard troops -which has among its functions the vigilance on acts of “depredation of flora and fauna” – received a “complaint from collaborators” through a telephone call to 107, a number intended to report maritime emergencies.

The report does not reveal the exact number of arrests made during the operation, in which, in addition to the aforementioned meat, they seized three rustic boats – made of wood and aluminum – where there were refrigerators.

The detainees are under arrest in the San Nicolás municipality. Regarding the meat, the MININT official specified that, after an inspection, they certified that they were in optimal conditions for human consumption, and “it was delivered to the country’s fishing industry so that they can define the destination that is owed to it. give”

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