Coast Guard searches for 16 Cuban refugees lost at sea after escaping communist Cuba

Imagine living in a country where throwing yourself into shark-infested waters to escape is preferable to staying there. Now imagine suffering in that miserable totalitarian state and the world defending your oppressors. That’s life in communist Cuba.

Via ABC News:

Coast Guard searching for 16 people missing off Florida coast in 2 separate boating incidents

U.S. Coast Guard crews were searching Sunday for 16 people believed missing in the waters off the Florida coast in two ocean rescue emergencies, including one involving a “makeshift vessel” that launched from Cuba with 10 people aboard, officials said.

Both searches began on Friday and continued on Sunday. One of the rescue efforts was launched after a good Samaritan found a man described as a Jamaican national alive 23 miles off the coast of Fort Pierce, Florida, after he said he’d been on a boat with six other people that set sail from Bimini in the Bahamas, according to Coast Guard officials.

The other search was also launched on Friday after 10 people who left Havana, Cuba, in a “6-foot makeshift vessel” went missing off the coast of Key West, authorities said.

The Coast Guard was contacted by a boat operator who said he had rescued a man from the waters directly east of Fort Pierce. The survivor told the boater that he and six other people were aboard a boat that capsized on Wednesday after they left Bimini, which is about 200 miles from Fort Pierce.

It was not immediately clear where the boat was headed when it flipped over.

A 45-foot Coast Guard rescue boat was immediately sent to the scene, officials said. The rescue crew took the survivor to shore and transferred him to a hospital, officials said.

The Coast Guard continued to search the area on Sunday, deploying an HC-130 Hercules airplane and three cutter ships.

The second search also continued Sunday for the 10 people who set out for Florida from Havana on the small rickety homemade vessel last Sunday. Coast Guard officials said it remains unclear what caused the watercraft to vanish.

Coast Guard search planes and boats were searching the area off the coast of Key West, which is a little over 80 miles from Havana.

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  1. Oh, you don’t understand. The misery and suffering of “the people” in Cuba does not matter, or it’s a small price to pay so that the foreign supporters and enablers of Castro, Inc. can get their jollies off “revolutionary” fantasies and exotic “dream holidays.” Besides, savages are supposed to have hard and nasty lives.

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