Cuban dock workers in Cienfuegos on ‘silent’ strike, demand higher pay, better working conditions

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First it was dock workers in Havana, then it was charcoal workers in Isla de Pinos, now, again, it’s dock workers, this time at the port of Cienfuegos. These slaves who should be grateful to their socialist masters are once again proving that they are selfish bastards and dangerous malcontents. In the workers’ paradise of Castrogonia, it is illegal to establish labor unions or to go on strike. Why? Because the state says so.

Watch video above (in Spanish) for a glimpse at the complaints of one such uppity slave. Que Dios lo proteja. May God protect him.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

A worker from the Port of Cienfuegos told the Independent Trade Union Association of Cuba that working conditions and low wages have forced the workers to carry out a “silent strike.”

“We have a silent strike that they are trying to hide,” he said in a video posted on YouTube by the Diario de Cuba portal.

The dock worker, who identifies himself as Pedro Ahmed Fajardo Arma, explains the terrible working conditions they suffer, as they must spend hours in paws full of smoke that suffocates them.

The worker also denounced a poor diet, for which they must pay about 30 pesos a day, and lower wages than those of a cleaning assistant.

He also mentioned that most of his colleagues are afraid to report these working conditions for fear of reprisals.

Fajardo Arma referred in particular to the Director of Human Resources, Rolando Lago, who assures that “he has not wanted to face the workers.”

“We workers are faced with terrible fear and despair. The truth is one: we said that it is over,” the complainant declared.

Finally, the worker suggested that a situation similar to the one that occurred at the end of December 2020 in the Port of Havana could occur in the Port of Cienfuegos, when stevedores and other port workers paralyzed activities in protest of the low wages that did not They are enough to supply the price increase of the so-called “ordering” task.

“We heard about the strike in Havana, and we plan to do the same to see if a minister comes to face us,” he concluded.

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