Rush Limbaugh proudly stood shoulder to shoulder with Elian Gonzalez’ “deplorable” Miami family (and “deplorable” Cuban-Americans in general) when most Americans (and even many conservatives including Rush’s future friend and frequent substitute Mark Steyn) deplored “Miami Cubans” and championed the Castro-Clinton kidnapping

There’s no way I can improve upon the many eulogies to Rush Limbaugh by his friends and fans. I’ll simply point to an item that probably seems trivial and irrelevant to many out there: his unflinching support for Elian Gonzalez’ Miami family during the tragic Elian saga.

This proud and unflinching support was at a time (lest some forget) when most Americans (and even many conservatives including Rush’s future friend, soulmate and frequent substitute Mark Steyn) deplored “Miami Cubans” and championed the Castro-Clinton kidnapping.

Thanks to what Cuban-Americans of the time already called the “Fake News Media,” on the Elian issue, polls of the time showed almost 70 per cent of Americans supporting the cause of a totalitarian dictator who jailed and tortured at a higher rate than Stalin during the Great Terror–and whose lifelong obsession was the destruction of the U.S. (Fidel Castro.)

The most poignant and moving eulogy to Rush I’ve read was penned yesterday by his friend and frequent substitute Mark Steyn. Yet here’s what the (otherwise brilliant) Steyn wrote about the Elian tragedy and Miami Cubans (i.e. the most loyally Republican ethnic voters in recent U.S. history) :

“Everywhere in America outside the Greater Miami area, the reaction to Janet Reno’s dawn raid was not `Oh, my God, how could she do that?’ but `What took her so long?” wrote Mark Steyn expressing his own sentiments. “Everyone was sick of Elian’s `Miami family’: the pert young Marisleysis (Elian’s teenaged cousin) may have the cutest butt on network TV but most of us dearly wish some FBI sharpshooter would fire a tranquilizer dart into it….given that the American people are overwhelmingly opposed to making Elian a political symbol, it’s hard to see what Republicans hope to accomplish by signing on with that crazy Miami crowd.(i.e. Cuban-Americans) …taking up the cause of a lawless Hispanic mob (Cuban-Americans) as it trashes Miami seems expressly designed to offend the Republican party’s core voters.” (Here’s a link to Steyn’s diatribe against Cuban-Americans)

(BTW, there was no “trashing of Miami” by Cuban-Americans during the Elian circus. In fact, according to George Gilder in his classic Wealth & Poverty, that “lawless mob!” accomplished quite the opposite.)

Point is: Audience-wise Rush Limbaugh had nothing to gain by siding with those “deplorable” Miami Cubans,– and especially by siding with a single unwed mother. Rush was a divorced man who devoted much of his show to expertly (and hilariously!) exposing the fraud of contemporary “feminism.” A large segment of his listeners also seemed to be divorced men who’d suffered from feminist judges in child-custody disputes. I was a big-time Ditto-Head of the time and remember their phone-calls, relentlessly bashing Rush for seemingly caving to feminism on the Elian issue.

But Rush never flinched–simply because–though he’d never experienced totalitarianism, much less Castroism, in the flesh– he SAW THE TRUTH.

Decades later Rush was STILL flaunting his support for Elian’s freedom…

Rush Limbaugh’s proud and unflinching support for a defining cause in the Cuban-American political saga, proves beyond all doubt that former President Trump nailed the essence of the great man when he wrote: “Rush was a patriot, a defender of Liberty, and someone who believed in all of the greatness our Country stands for. Rush was a friend to myself and millions of Americans—a guiding light with the ability TO SEE THE TRUTH.” (Donald Trump, Feb. 17.)


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  1. What Trump said. May he rest in peace. He was infinitely more respectable than Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Leahy and the lot of them, not to mention any “pundit” at the NYT. He was also very real, and the fakes all over the damn place could not abide that. I was not aware of his stance on the Elián issue, but that makes him even more worthy of respect, especially since he did it out of conviction, not opportunism or fashion victimhood.

  2. If the Elian Gonzalez tragedy had happened at a time when Americans would have been familiarized with the concept of “Fake News” [as they are today] perhaps they would not have been so easily fooled by the usual suspects in the mainstream media, then again, as a community, we have to assume responsibility. Elian’s family was being controlled by a sleezy Cuban-American political hack whose name escapes me now. When Alan Dershowitz offered to help the family that political hack who did not want to relinquish power said “NO.” Instead he had a team of lawyers headed by a personal friend of that hideous creature, Janet Reno. Conflict of interest there? Also, the Native American community offered to give Elian sanctuary and again, the political hack said “NO.” In that sanctuary, Doris Meissner’s stormtroppers would not have been able to kidnap the boy. Also, the Cuban American National Foundation that triggered fidel castro in the first place with some ads that they created of the boy did not come up to the plate when castro reacted. I live in NYC and all that they did here was to take out a poorly drafted ad in the New York Post which is considered a rag by the elite of NY. They should have taken out a full page ad in the New York Times. In fact, they should have taken out full page ads in all of the major US papers and hired a PR machine.

    On a side note, that S.O.B. pointing the machine gun in the famous photograph ended up in jail. I read a long time ago that he was arrested for being involved in kiddy porn that they found on his computer. At least that S.O.B. was disgraced and punished.

    • Ah, yes, the painfully cringeworthy activist, of sorts, who became mockingly known as “Florecita.” He would have done much better to go into another line of endeavor. No matter how good his intentions might have been, he was at best ineffectual and ultimately counterproductive. Still, the head of the legal team, apparently a classic zorrito, was possibly an even bigger piece of work, who despite making a political career out of his Elián moment later endorsed Hillary Clinton for president and was disgracefully a Dem. Sorry to be reminded of either of them.

      As for Steyn, he sounded very much like an ignorant bigot, not to say a racist, and if he still stands by what he said at the time, I want no part of him. Talk about offensive (as if he meant to be).

      Friedman, of course, is so full of it he deserves neither notice nor comment. Beneath contempt.

      • Asombra,

        You got that right about Steyn. He’s a bigot. The irony is that he’s not even an American! He’s a Canadian. That is to say, his anti-Cuban American sentiments mean he’s a xenophobic foreigner! Oxymoronic and wierd, huh? Ironic, too, that those Cubans he trashes embrace the ideals that he and the late Limbaugh embraced far more than his own people. Canada is a painfully woke, anti-American, pro-castro country that couldn’t get enough of the original leftist Trudeau, so they voted for his son who is probably even more leftist than his dad and who some people think might even be castro’s son!

        • Yes, the fact it was OK to have Fidel Castro as a pallbearer for Pierre Trudeau is extremely telling, and not just about the Trudeau family. Lord, the disgust.

  3. It’s OK, Humberto. The part you quoted is all I need or want to read. Again, an ignorant bigot at best–and if this was from a conservative, what could we expect from the usual suspects? Well, precisely what we got.

    Even if one allows for people back then simply not getting it and buying into the media’s spin on the situation, and presumably doing the wrong thing for good albeit wrongheaded reasons, whatever excuse they may have had at the time evaporated long ago–once it became sickeningly clear that what “those people” warned would happen to the boy is exactly what happened. Maybe some of them have regretted what amounted to their collaboration with evil, but if so they’ve been mighty quiet about it–and those who maintain the same position now are simply shitty people.

  4. The real villain in this affair was Clinton and then Reno. A judge was going to hand down the decision of Elian’s fate the coming Sunday and Castro must have had something on Clinton because Clinton couldn’t take the chance to allow that judge to make that decision in case it did not go Castro’s way.
    So that’s why Reno, before that Sunday, assaulted the family to kidnap Elian and send him back to Cuba.

    It doesn’t matter what Mark Steyn said. Bill Clinton and Reno are the evil ones in this deal.

    Did you know that Kavanaugh was one of the lawyers pleading for Elian?

    It is all a terrible affair. But out of it we got some good things.
    Professor Eire was moved to write his first memoir and many learned a lot about Castro. And my liberal book group was going to do his book because it won the National Book Award and I was afraid they were going to distort what the book was about as they so often do, and I wrote Carlos Eire a long letter and got a longer response. That was in October of 2006 and we have been corresponding ever since and he is a gem. And I even have become friends with his lovely wife, Jane.

    And I wrote a memoir of my own, which contains 80 pages from my correspondence with the professor.

    • Honey,

      I didn’t know that Kavanaugh was involved, but I do remember that the lead lawyer, Kendall Coffey, was a personal friend of Janet Reno’s and there were articles in NewsMax [one of the only magazines that was 100% in favor of Elian staying in the USA] that explained how Coffey was essentially screwing up the case step by step. It was their conjecture that it wasn’t accidental.

      Also, Alan Dershowitz wanted to take over the case, but the Gonzalez family handler who was a short potbellied sleazeball political hack [who’s name escapes me] wouldn’t permit it.

      Yes, I agree that Clinton and Reno were the villains in this case, but the Cuban American community dropped the ball. If your opponent is a vicious snarling wolf, you have to be prepared to fight against him not to drop the ball. Those deer with the biggest antlers, the swiftist kicks and the fastest gaits beat the wolves not those that are stupid. And I’m going to use the collective “we” here. We were stupid. How on earth did Cubans allow that political hack to handle the family? How on earth did they allow the woefully inarticulate Marileysis to be a spokesperson? How on earth was Alan Dershowitz rejected and Coffey allowed to stay on the case? How on earth were the uncles with their wife beater t-shirts allowed to talk on camera? Lord have mercy! What a Public Relations disaster!

      • I thought you’d been talking about another lawyer, Manny Díaz, and that’s who I was talking about previously. He’d been a registered Dem before 2000, but ran for Mayor of Miami (and won) as an Independent in 2001, then endorsed Obama at the 2008 Dem National Convention and became officially Dem again. He was recently named Dem Party Chairman for Florida. Need I say more?

        • Manny Diaz is almost as bad as the sleezeball I was referring to. Diaz was a horrible opportunist who used his time as a useless Elian lawyer to initiate a political career. The sleezeball I’m talking about was a short, greasy, potbellied street corner hack who somehow became a representative of the uncles and manipulated them. Can’t remember his name.

          • I meant I thought you were talking about Díaz instead of Coffey. As for the guy whose name you don’t remember, I thought you meant Ramón Saúl Sánchez, except he wasn’t exactly short and pot-bellied as I recall.

    • Honey, Clinton was absolutely the real villain, but what Steyn said does matter to me, because he could have supported sending Elián back without being anywhere near such an obnoxious asshole about it. I can forgive him, but he’d have to ask for forgiveness.

  5. By the way, the rumor with Janet Reno is that she was having a lesbian affair with a Cuban woman and that didn’t go well, ergo her hatred for Cubans. Sad thing is that this woman is said to be related to a mediocre Cuban author who has preferred to stay quiet instead of putting Cuba first and laying the cards out. [So, I’ve heard from various sources]. But you know how Cubans are. It’s all about la familita. Reminds me of Senator Diaz-Balart who interceded on behalf of fidel castro because he was the father of his nephew.

    • I never saw Reno as more than Vil Clinton’s agent/creature–he was fully responsible and fully despicable. The man personifies moral sleaze–and he knows he’s a sleazebag but doesn’t care. At least Jimmy Carter presumably believed in his own supposed righteousness. Repugnant.

      • Oh definitely, she was an agent of Clinton, nevertheless, it is said that she gleefully abducted Elian. Wasn’t she, after all, having a conversation with then Congressman Bob Menendez promising not to kidnap Elian at the same time that the raid was taking place? One thing is to reluctantly carry out commands, another is to do it with relish. It is said that she did it with relish.

        • I’ve no reason to doubt that, but if she hadn’t done Clinton’s bidding, someone else would have. He didn’t make her AG for nothing, and she owed him.

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