Cuban animal rights activists harassed, threatened, and arrested by government officials

Quixotic to the max

From our Bureau of Socialist Tolerance and Social Justice

Can a country that continually tramples on basic human rights act any differently when it comes to animal rights?

Well… you know that’s just a rhetorical question… right?

Believe it or not, Castrogonia does have animal rights activists. And their recent encounter with Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Agriculture did not end well, as one might expect.

Acts of repudiation by ministry officials, harassment, arrests, you name it…. all because they’re demanding a law that would protect animal rights.

Face it, if animal could build boats and rafts, they’d all be fleeing to Florida too, probably in greater numbers than the humans on the island.

Abridged and loosely translated from CiberCuba:

Workers of the Ministry of Agriculture of Cuba confronted the animal activists who demonstrated peacefully today in front of this government headquarters with an act of repudiation to the cry of “Viva Fidel!”, As reported to CiberCuba Beatriz Batista, one of the young people who participated in the demonstration and in the subsequent meeting with Minag officials.

“The meeting, once inside, was positive, but before entering the ministry they made us a small act of repudiation. The workers came out and began to shout at us Viva Fidel! And we said that in those conditions we were not going to agree to enter and they removed those people, “the activist explained to this newspaper.

At that time, the Police detained the independent journalist Héctor Luis Valdés Cocho who was covering the protest and with whom CiberCuba tried to communicate without success.

An activist who tried to access the ministry was also detained, once the rest of the protesters were inside the building, but not only they were not allowed, but they also transferred her to a police station in the Havana municipality of Diez October.

At the meeting, Cuban government officials were respectful to the twenty activists who were able to participate in it, to whom they promised that the Animal Welfare Law will be approved before February 28, Batista clarifies.

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  1. I’m afraid they’re delusional. A state that treats human beings like cattle is NOT going to care about animals.

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