Remembering the murders of Orlando Zapata Tamayo and the Brothers to the Rescue pilots

We must never forget how Cuba’s Castro dictatorship murdered five innocent people and has yet to face justice for this crime and the countless other crimes against humanity it has committed.

Via the Center for a Free Cuba:

Truth, Justice, Memory and the Brothers to the Rescue shoot down at 25 and Orlando Zapata Tamayo at 11

In Cuba’s recent modern history, February 23, 2010 and February 24, 1996 are two days that run back to back that many remember with great sorrow, although separated by 14 years.

Eleven years ago on February 23, 2010 Cuban prisoner of conscience Orlando Zapata Tamayo died after years of physical and psychological torture that began in 2003 that drove him to repeatedly protest prison conditions and beginning on December 3, 2009 to undertake a water only hunger strike that ended in his death. Aggravating this already extreme situation, was that prison officials repeatedly denied him water in an effort to get him to end the strike. Amnesty International condemned the death at the time and urged Raúl Castro “to immediately and unconditionally release all prisoners of conscience after a political activist died following a hunger strike.” Eleven years later and the prisoners of conscience are still there, and the International Red Cross has not had access to Cuban prisons, save for one brief period over 30 years ago in 1989.

25 years ago on February 24, 1996 a Cuban MiG-29UB Fulcrum and a MiG-23ML intercepted three US civilian registered Cessna 337s (N2456S, N5485S and N2506), operated by the Brothers to the Rescue while they were engaged on a humanitarian search and rescue mission over the Florida Straits for Cuban rafters in international airspace.

At 3:21pm EST the Brothers to the Rescue Cessna 337 (N2456S) was destroyed by an air-to-air missile fired by the Cuban MiG-29 military aircraft.

At 3:27pm EST the Brothers to the Rescue Cessna 337 (N5485S) was destroyed by an air-to-air missile fired by a Cuban MiG-29 military aircraft.

Immediately killed were Armando Alejandre Jr.,45 years old, Carlos Alberto Costa, age 29, Mario Manuel de la Peña, age 24, and Pablo Morales, age 29. This was a premeditated act of state terrorism carried out by Havana on the orders of both Fidel and Raul Castro.

The third Brothers to the Rescue Cessna 337 (N2506) was able to escape and the survivors Jose Basulto, Arnaldo Iglesias, Silvia Iriondo and Andres Iriondo were able to set the record straight on the propaganda offensive already underway from Havana to misrepresent what had happened.

These are two of the many crimes committed by the Castro regime over the past 62 years, but these two reverberated internationally due to more fluid communications at the time, families willing to speak out, and in the case of Brothers to the Rescue, survivors to set the facts straight.

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  1. Yes, but the implicit understanding is that victims of Castro, Inc. do NOT matter, so justice is moot.

    And don’t forget corrupt Latrine dirtbag and Castro crony Lula joking about Zapata’s death in Havana.

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