EU summons ambassador to Cuba after he signs a pro-Castro dictatorship letter to Biden

EU ambassador to Cuba Alberto Navarro participating in a Castro dictatorship propaganda event.

After signing on to a letter sent to President Biden in support of Cuba’s murderous communist dictatorship, EU ambassador to Cuba Alberto Navarro has been summoned to Brussels to explain himself.

Via Politico:

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has instructed the bloc’s ambassador to Cuba to return to Brussels “to provide explanations” for the decision to sign a controversial letter to U.S. President Joe Biden.

The summoning of the EU ambassador, Alberto Navarro, comes after 16 MEPs — including several senior lawmakers — this week sent a letter to Borrell urging the diplomatic chief to fire Navarro.

The MEPs criticized several actions by the ambassador, most notably his “unacceptable initiative” earlier this month to sign an open letter to Biden urging the U.S. president “to personally take executive action” to lift business and travel restrictions against Cuba. The letter urged the U.S. to “stop being a hostile neighbor” to Cuba and to “stop interfering in our domestic affairs.”

“We have received [the MEPs] letter and have requested the ambassador to come to Brussels to provide explanations” to Borrell, said an EU spokesperson in response to questions from POLITICO. “In the meantime, we have asked him to provide a note detailing the matter.”

While the spokesperson did not comment on whether Borrell would sack the ambassador, his summoning to Brussels can be seen as a strong reprimand.

There’s no real expectation he’ll be removed for this disgraceful act, made all the more despicable in light of the increase of repression on the island. His boss, Josep Borrell, is a socialist and a defender of the Castro dictatorship. But at a minimum, they are forced to publicly deal with their heinous support for a murderous and corrupt regime.

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  1. Jeez. If the guy looked any sleazier he could be a child molester. Well, the EU should talk, considering its employment of the cross-eyed Mogherini witch. Disgusting.

  2. And of course, the miserable hack is Spanish–because, you know, a Spaniard would “get” Cuba better than a non-Spanish European, and naturally also care more about the welfare of Cubans. Lord, the contempt.

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