Cuban dictatorship sends mob to pelt home of opposition leader with excrement

Throwing excrement at dissidents is not an uncommon occurrence in communist Cuba, but when you think about it, that’s all socialism can ever deliver.

Via Periódico Cubano (my translation):

Excrement thrown at the main UNPACU headquarters in Santiago de Cuba

Once again the Castro government organized an attack against the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU), which has its headquarters in Santiago de Cuba.

According to the organization’s leader, Jose Daniel Ferrer, a group of people showed up at the location during the night to throw toxic substances at the walls of the headquarters, which is also the home of Ferrer and his family.

UNPACU published a series of videos where the opposition leader shows the damage done by this action against the organization.

“The infamous attacks by the Castro-communist tyranny continue against the main headquarters of UNPACU, against my home, against my family, against my brothers in the struggle, and against those who receive aid through food, medicine, and medical attention here at our headquarters,” said the opposition leader.

Ferrer said that just before dawn, the attack began using a mix of toxic substances, which were thrown against the walls of the home where a small child lives.

The opposition leader, who is widely known on and off the island, said some of the stains, which are excrement and sewage, seeped into the home.

“The house is filled with this substance as well as the front. It seeped into the home where a small child lives, it came in through a hole in the door damaged by the attacks UNPACU has endured over the years.”

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