Catholic priest in Cuba blasts away at government, urges it to change its ways

Father Alberto Reyes Pías

From our Bureau of Gallant Quixotic Gestures

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba:

Catholic priest Alberto Reyes Pías asked the Cuban Government this Sunday to hear the clamor of the people for a change and open the way to a spring on the island.

“To you who hold the reins of the political power of this Island, don’t you see this people cry out for a change? Aren’t you going to have the courage and intelligence to initiate those changes, so that a peaceful and Can we all, in the end, reach an agreement from peace? “Reyes said on Facebook.

“To you, who respond to the organs of power and, in fact, support them: army, officials, ministers … To you who cannot not see reality, to you who have ears to listen to your families, your friends, to your neighbors, to you who also have a conscience and a responsibility. Is it that you do not see? Is it that you do not listen? Is it that you do not understand that we cannot continue like this and that in a country adrift no one is safe, Neither you nor your children? Do you not see that no one trusts that we are on the ‘right path’, or that we will be able to build a happy and prosperous society? Do you believe it? “he questioned.

Reyes affirmed that the Cuban people are “tired of this sterile ‘spirit of Revolution’, of an absurd ‘to resist and win’, of ‘doing more with less’, of ‘battles of ideas’, of ‘no one surrenders here’ , of “socialism or death” and even of “homeland or death.” Years and years between war slogans, while we long for times of peace. I do not see a people willing to give their lives to build a Revolution, but a desperate people because the so-called ‘Revolution’ gives him breathing space to build his life “.

“Reality is imposed and this people has been showing signs for a long time that they do not want continuity, even if they insist on it again and again. This revolution was a beautiful dream for many, and I understand that one clings to beautiful dreams, But the dream brought us neither bread nor dignity, and it is wisdom to change when reality asks for other answers. And the best, the most sensible, as well as the most elegant, would be a proposal from the power structures. rivers overflow, leaving only destruction and death in their wake, “he said.

The priest pointed out that “Cubans are not a spiteful people, and they have shown it. The tone of the claims of this people is still that of dialogue and inclusion. We do not want violence, we do not want shouting, we do not want disqualifications, no we want acts of repudiation. But neither do we want to submit more, nor do we want to turn our life into a lie, nor do we want our intelligence to continue insulting. “

“I recognize that I may be the one who is wrong, but I want to be faithful to my conscience, to what I see, to what is imposed on my senses. And when I look at my land in these moments I cannot help but think of some verses by Pablo Neruda: “They will be able to cut all the flowers, but they will not be able to stop spring.” I deeply believe that the spring of a new Cuba is coming, and that it is unstoppable, and I pray with all my might that all that it means spring: harmony, color, light, joy, peace … find hearts that open to it, receive it and say: ‘count on me’ “, he concluded.