Cuban dictatorship approves animal rights protection law, still no word on protecting human rights

Cuba’s communist dictatorship threw a bone to animal rights activists on the island, distracting both activists and the media from the fact the regime has zero protections for human rights.

Via AFP:

Cuba has adopted long-called for animal rights regulations, a groundbreaking victory for activists in the communist nation.

It’s an important step for a civil society marveling at its demands being translated into law for the first time, and signals a cultural shift on an island of contradictions between tradition and modernity.

Late Friday, the Council of State approved the legislation, which provides for fines and potential prison terms for offenders. It comes into force 90 days after its official publication.

“I am very pleased that today we have woken up to this news. Because it will put a stop to abuse in the first place and secondly, it will give power to animal rights activists,” Ricardo Santana, a 24-year-old photographer, told AFP.

In April, 2019, some 500 people marched through Havana to demand a law protecting animals — it was the first independent and non-political demonstration authorized by the one-party state.

You can expect the usual drooling by the media in the coming days as they claim this is “a step in the right direction” and shows “real reform” is taking place in socialist Cuba. A nice smoke screen for the murderous regime that continues to increase violent repression against dissidents on the island and cracking down on the opposition.

5 thoughts on “Cuban dictatorship approves animal rights protection law, still no word on protecting human rights”

  1. If these activists really think this is any more than cosmetic “progress” for foreign consumption, I’m afraid they’re fooling themselves. Even apart from that, the propriety of animal rights activism is questionable in a system which flagrantly and systematically violates human rights and always has and will continue to do so–not just because it wants to, but because it MUST in order to keep totalitarian power and control.

  2. I’m glad that there are animal rights activists in Cuba and that they’ve petitioned the government to implement animal rights welfare laws in Cuba, but I seriously doubt that the regime will put any animal rights laws into practice even if they claim to pass such legislation. All of this is for international consumption.

    • Castro, Inc. is nothing if not cynical, mendacious and opportunistic–and it loves favorable publicity abroad (ask Mariela Castro). What the regime pretends to do is NEVER the same as reality.

  3. Is it just me, or do those signs in the photo look a little too professional? Something smells fishy here.

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