Cuban dictatorship tries to answer ‘Homeland and Life’ with its own music video, fails miserably

With the growing popularity of the “Homeland and Life” music video criticizing the communist Cuban dictatorship, the Castro regime tried to answer with its own music video. The song and music video is called “Homeland or Death … For Life,” but it’s so comically bad, Cubans are having a field day mocking and ridiculing it on social media.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

On Monday Cuban troubadour Raul Torres, the lead artist for the regime’s artistic propaganda programs, premiered the song “Homeland or Death For Life” on the state-run website Cubadebate in response to the song “Homeland and Life,” performed by Yotuel Romero, Gente de Zona, Descemer Bueno, Maykel Osorbo, and El Funky.

Most users on social media have classified the song as horrendous and embarrassing, mocking and ridiculing the music and lyrics of this new tune by Torres along with Annie Garces, singer for the Brothers Saiz Association (AHS), Dayana Divo, Karla Moner, and Yisi Calibre.

Lyrics like “the Revolution still has 62 thousand millenniums to go” or “I don’t care what they say since I got my vaccine. Swing that Mambisa machete” sung by the troubadour while wearing a red guayabera shirt, have provoked a wave of memes and ridicule on social media in just a few hours.

But perhaps the dislike for the song is best seen in the metrics, the number of “thumbs down” the video has on the Cubadebate’s own website.

And it’s only going to get worse for the Castro dictatorship. As of this writing the music video on YouTube is running a 10 to 1 ratio on dislikes with 40K+ dislikes to just over 4K “likes.”

About the only thing socialists and communists hate as much as dissent is mockery. And they are going to get mocked on this for weeks on end, and that’s a beautiful thing.

8 thoughts on “Cuban dictatorship tries to answer ‘Homeland and Life’ with its own music video, fails miserably”

  1. They look like zombie stooges, and so they should, because they are. Hell, they look sedated.

    Again, the “revolution’ is a sclerotic and geriatric failure run by old farts and their toadies. Nobody is being fooled anymore; all that is left are the opportunists (like these pitiful “artists”) and those who have their hands so dirty that they need Castro, Inc. to stay afloat. One can only fake “coolness” for so long.

    Basically, one cannot claim to be “revolutionary” when one is indisputably an ossified establishment that has steadfastly refused to change for over 60 years and does nothing but keep digging in its heels.

  2. I saw the thing. It looks like tired posturing done for pay, and even the lip sync is poorly done. It’s no coincidence they largely picked people of color, but using some grizzled 60-something front man was NOT a good idea. Painfully lame, not to mention so embarrassing that one almost feels sorry for the singers.

  3. Well, there are always abject lackeys at hand to do this sort work for even the worst regimes, and if people choose to disgrace themselves this publicly–and permanently–I suppose that’s their right.

    • There may be some who still defend it because they believe in it, but they’re a minority and obviously seriously stupid and/or delusional. The majority have no such excuse and are considerably more culpable, because they pretty much know the score but are too perverse to care, which means they are utterly contemptible and lower than dirt.

  4. Also, is it me, or is the crappy thing tinted a weird tone? It looks violaceous, which only makes it seem even more unnatural, like the singers have been pickled or something. Really, talk about cringeworthy.

    However, do note that many people just like these minions can and did pass for perfectly normal types in Cuba before 1959–and are doing so right now in the United States.

  5. It just hit me: they should have made Elián the front man, even if they had to give him somebody else’s voice via dubbing. The result could hardly have been worse than using this old Torres lackey, who looks very tired and definitely does not help matters. Of course, maybe Elián, like his father (Fidel), has no rhythm.

    And just think–if Alicia Alonso were alive and young enough, she might have come up with a “Patria o Muerte” ballet. She certainly was not above such a thing, for all her “I live for art” airs. I remember being shocked by a photo of her, probably from the 1960s, wearing a miliciana outfit. It was absolutely grotesque.

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