Castro dictatorship forcing Cubans suspected of having COVID-19 into ‘coronavirus camps’

This is how the “social justice” and “equality” of communist Cuba’s socialist revolution works in practice: Cubans forced into camps and used for medical experiments by the State. This is socialism in action.

Frances Martel reports in Breitbart:

Report: Cuba Forcing Citizens into Coronavirus ‘Camps’

Eyewitnesses say the Cuban Communist Party is forcing suspected coronavirus patients into unsanitary, poorly stocked, and densely populated “camps” and making them take an unproven antiviral treatment, a report revealed this weekend.

The Global Liberty Alliance (GLA), a human rights advocacy group that focuses on legal aid to dissidents, verified ongoing reports of Cuban citizens ending up in “isolation centers” if suspected of carrying Chinese coronavirus. The camp whose existence and dire medical status the organization confirmed is located in central Santa Clara.

“A government ‘survey taker’ (encuestadora), allegedly connected to the Ministry of Public Health, knocks on citizens’ doors daily, asking how many people live in each home and whether they are experiencing respiratory or fever-like symptoms,” the GLA confirmed. “Suspected COVID [Chinese coronavirus]-positive cases are being transported to an ‘isolation center,’ which is a minimally converted school. They are isolated for 5 days, given the PCR COVID-19 test, and if tested positive, are sent to the Military Hospital. If they test negative, they must remain 5 more days before being PCR tested again.”

The report corroborated prior revelations from Cuban independent media that the “isolation centers” were poorly run camps where potential coronavirus patients were kept close enough together that the virus may have been spreading within the facility. Authorities also provided nearly inedible food to those forced to stay there, many reports emphasized. Cubanet, a dissident online outlet, published photographs of one of the “meals” at a camp in Havana that appeared to feature two boiled eggs, a piece of boiled unidentified root vegetable, and rice.

Among the most alarming revelations in the GLA report is the fact that the Cuban government is using unproven interferon treatments on people who test positive for coronavirus and are thus moved from the converted school facility to the military hospital camp.

“In some cases, a COVID-negative person can accompany patients in the hospital. The COVID-negative companions are given drops of Nasalferon … twice daily to prevent contagion, while the COVID-positive patients are given interferon shots,” the GLA report detailed.

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  1. Remember, “free” health care, of whatever quality, justifies anything Castro, Inc. may do. ANYTHING.

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