Colombia’s communist narco-terrorist group continues to go after former president Alvaro Uribe

Colombia’s communist terrorist group FARC was decimated by Alvaro Uribe during his presidency. Their defeat more than a decade ago was so resounding, they’re still going after him. Hell hath no fury like a Marxist scorned.

Vanessa Vallejo writes in El American:

Álvaro Uribe, the Colombian President Persecuted for Defeating FARC

Colombia’s Attorney General’s Office has requested the preclusion of the case against former President Álvaro Uribe. A case that has been plagued with irregularities and that made millions of Colombians think that Justice was completely taken over by the mafias. Today, the left and the guerrillas see how the plan they built for years to destroy not only Álvaro Uribe but the only political force that is currently a real brake on the guerrillas, is being destroyed.

Uribe has long been the main enemy of narco-socialism, that is why on August 7, 2002, when he took office for the first time as president, the FARC tried to kill him. They knew that in office he would do whatever was necessary to finish them off.

With mortar shells and rockets they tried to assassinate the man who promised frontal combat. While the inauguration ceremony was taking place, they launched several rockets in the direction of the presidential palace, one of them, the one that came closest to assassinating the president, crashed on a cornice of the roof of the Casa de Nariño.

The attacks that day left more than 20 dead and 50 wounded, but did not succeed in assassinating Álvaro Uribe who, as promised, after eight years in office, left the FARC technically defeated.

Uribe took back a country that was almost totally taken over by the FARC. By 2002, when he assumed the presidency, it was dangerous to even try to leave Bogotá by land, the guerrillas were on the verge of taking over the capital.

With his “decapitation” policy, which consisted of capturing or killing FARC leaders, he managed to dismantle the criminal organization. Álvaro Uribe’s was truly frontal combat. He even bombed a FARC camp in Ecuador, where he killed “Raul Reyes,” at the time the number two of the terrorist group.

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