Prelude to a Kiss? State Dept. to ‘intensify’ inquiry into Cuban sonic attacks

Pamela Spratlen: Diplomat in charge of finding “real” culprit

From our Bureau of Mysterious Injuries Obviously Inflicted by Castro, Inc. with some assistance from our Bureau of Well-Concealed Shifty Maneuvers and Hidden Agenda

Anyone with half a brain — maybe even much less than that — can easily discern the handiwork of Castro, Inc. in the neurological injuries sustained by American and Canadian diplomats in Castrogonia. Yet, most media outlets keep treating this news story as some kind of impenetrable mystery.

Here is the latest installment from the Castro News Network (CNN), which prefers to refer to the injuries as “Havana Syndrome”, a term invented by Canadians in order to absolve Castro, Inc. of all responsibility by implying that mass hysteria of some sort is involved. The article predictably quotes Bernie Sanders’ senatorial colleague and fellow Castrophilliac Jeanne Shaheen, who blames Trump for botching the investigation and silently implies that he did so on purpose so he could punish Castro, Inc. unfairly.

Anyway, it looks as if Jar-Jar Biden has now greased the skids for a quick and easy absolution of Castro, Inc. Naturally, this move is being disguised as an honest “inquiry.” The diplomat placed in charge of finding the “real” culprit is Pamela Spratlen. Granted, the commission just formed had been requested by a bi-partisan group of Senators, including Marco Rubio and some other Republicans.

But never underestimate Jar-Jar’s deep desire to return to Obama’s vomit, or the deceit he’s capable of in order to make Castro, Inc. seem less monstrous than it really is.

The US State Department on Friday designated a senior official to lead the agency’s response to the invisible attacks against diplomats and US personnel that have left dozens suffering from debilitating symptoms known as the “Havana Syndrome.”

Amb. Pamela Spratlen, a career foreign service officer, will serve as the Senior Advisor to the Health Incident Response Task Force, which was created in 2018 to coordinate the response the spate of incidents that affected US government employees in Cuba, Russia and China and left many with long-term brain injuries.

In a shift from past procedure, Spratlen will report directly to State Department senior leadership, including Secretary of State Tony Blinken.

In a statement to CNN, Blinken said, “We have no higher priority than the health and safety of our people, and Ambassador Spratlen will help us address this issue wherever it affects Department personnel and their families.”

“She will streamline our coordination with our inter-agency partners and reaffirm our commitment to make certain that those affected receive the care and treatment they need,” he said. “I will work closely with her, as this is a priority for me and the full Department.”…

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) said in a statement that she was “very encouraged to see the Biden administration step up where the Trump administration failed or refused to do so.”

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2 thoughts on “Prelude to a Kiss? State Dept. to ‘intensify’ inquiry into Cuban sonic attacks”

  1. Putting a Cuban in charge of such a commission is, of course, completely out of the question–and Shaheen has already given the game away by (surprise!) focusing on Terrible Trump rather than Castro, Inc.

    Well, it’s not as if one could have expected better, and Lord knows we’re used to getting the shaft, not to mention getting no respect. I suppose Shaheen is (superficially) preferable to Karen Bass.

  2. As for Obama’s vomit, plenty of Cubanoids lapped it up like it was ambrosia, not only disgracing themselves but giving him cover he should never have had. Yes, he’d have done the deed anyway, but it would have been much more difficult to justify or sell it in the face of unified Cuban opposition to what he was doing.

    Besides, he couldn’t possibly have cared about Cuba, given that he didn’t much care about the US, and he was hardly more culpable than “His Holiness,” whose conduct regarding Cuba reeks to high heaven.

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