Socialist centralized planning leaves crop harvests rotting in communist Cuba

While the Cuban people endure historic shortages in food and basic items, the communist Castro dictatorship’s strict economic controls leaves crop harvests rotting at farms. This is socialism in action.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Farmers say their harvests are rotting in the fields due to state inefficiency

Independent Cuban farmers on Wednesday denounced the loss of short-cycle crops in the midst of a pandemic and food shortages in the country because of the irresponsibility of the state agencies, which not only faily to pick up the production, but also prohibit the farmers from transporting or selling it.

Farmers in Pinar del Rio as well as other areas of the country are in a crisis situation and left without alternatives, said Esteban Ajete Abascal from the League of Cuba’s Independent Farmers to Radio Television Martí.

“These people have produced different crops, such as tomatoes, onions, cabbage, and other vegetables, which are practically rotting in the fields because the State does not provide transportation. Facing this situation, one of the farmers in recent days went out with a truckload of onions with the intent of selling them. He was arrested at a checkpoint leaving San Diego de Baños and the sector chief confiscated the truck with the onions. Every time they try to go out, they are intercepted and their production is confiscated,” said Ajete Abascal.

Daniel Alfaro is a farmer in San Antonio de los Baños in the province of Artemisa. He says there are tons of tomatoes that are rotting because of the State and they are not allowing consumers to buy the product directly.

“The State does not have the fuel to pick up the production from the farmers they contracted and the street vendors who go into the agricultural areas to buy some of that production to sell in the towns are being fined up to 5,000 pesos at this moment, which is when we’re suffering the most problems with food,” said Alfaro.

In Bayamo, Granma, farmer Emiliano Gonzalez also believes the government is principally responsible for the situation.

“For these crops to rot in the fields is completely counterproductive for the current situation, with the lack of food the Cuban people are suffering through,” he said.

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  1. Haven’t they heard? Putrefaction is another name for the “revolution.” They need to read the memo.

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