Cuban exiles all over the world hold peaceful protests in support of ‘Homeland and Life’

Cuban exiles in several cities around the world organized peaceful protests to show their support for the growing “Homeland and Life” freedom movement sweeping communist Cuba.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Simultaneous Homeland and Life protests in several cities around the world

Hundreds of Cubans took to the streets on Saturday in several cities around the world to demand freedom in Cuba and calling on foreign governments to not negotiate with the regime in Havana.

The protest in Washington D.C., attended by hundreds of Cubans, began with a prayer by Baptist pastor Mario Felix Lleonart.

The principal organizer of the protest, Eliecer Avila, said he was there representing the Cuban people in the U.S. and called on President Joe Biden not to engage in “secret negotiations with the Cuban dictatorship.”

“We are here to ensure that Biden’s government does not become the only institution in the world backing the dictatorship at this time. For many years, practically the only ally we’ve had for decades that had the liberation of Cuba in mind has been the government of the U.S. But now we’re in danger of the U.S. government becoming the only ally of the dictatorship when even the European Union has made it clear there is a dictatorship in Cuba and is trying to support the artists attempting to denounce the dictatorship. Now is when the Cuban people on the island are waking up,” said the Somos+ activists in an interview with Radio Television Martí.

The Cubans gathered together south of the White House at The Ellipse park while the song “Patria y Vida” played.

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  1. If you think the New York Times set will change its tune, don’t bet on it. The “revolution” is too dear to its hearts to be discarded into the dustbin of history, even if it winds up there. I mean, was Soviet communism, with its countless crimes and bottomless guilt, ever really condemned and repudiated like Nazism, let alone held accountable? If Castro, Inc. falls and there’s any kind of reckoning, get ready for lots of pearl-clutching.

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