The legacy of Obama’s 2016 visit to Cuba: Appeasing a communist dictator

In the end, it was the Cuban people who paid a heavy price for Obama’s ill-advised visit to communist Cuba and surrender to the Castro dictatorship. That is the only legacy his visit leaves behind.

Via Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

Legacy of President Obama’s 2016 State visit to Cuba: Appeasement’s price and the whims of the Cuban dictator

The price of appeasement

President Barack Obama and his family arrived in Cuba on March 20, 2016 with high expectations. Much was made in 2016 of the shift from decades long imprisonment to shorter term detentions in the press and by U.S. officials but little was said with regards to the simultaneous escalation in knife attacks, breaking bones, machete attacks and extrajudicial killings of high profile human rights activists since 2010. Five years later and the failure of this visit and the overall policy becomes ever more evident.

The suspicious deaths of human rights defenders such as Orlando Zapata Tamayo (2010), Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia (2011), Laura Inés Pollán Toledo (2011), Wilman Villar Mendoza (2012), Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas (2012), and Harold Cepero Escalante (2012) is a terrifying alternative to the long prison sentences that the Castro regime would use to take opposition leaders out of circulation, as was the case in 2003, during the Bush administration.

On May 14, 2015 Sirley Ávila León lost her left hand, had her right arm broken by a second machete blow, and her knees slashed by several more machete blows by a married couple in an attack orchestrated by Cuban state security. The husband wielding the machete and the wife throwing the severed hand into a pigsty. Cuban doctors told her that because of the contamination in the pigsty that the hand could not be reattached. She was left completely incapacitated, not even able to bend her knees.

he reason for the attack? Sirley Ávila León had been an elected delegate of the municipal people’s power assembly and taken seriously the pledge to represent her constituents. When the order came from on high to shut down schools in the country side (as a cost saving measure) and one of those schools was in her area, Sirley began to lobby first through official channel. When the official channels ignored her entreaties she went to the international media. This got her booted out of her position through a series of machinations by Castro regime officials. She responded by joining the opposition and the repression against her escalated into harassment, threats of violence, home invasion and beat down by state security, arson, and the machete attack that nearly killed her.

In an interview on March 21, 2016 with the Spanish Daily ABC the human rights activist declared: “After they began relations with Obama, the totalitarian regime tightened up against those who truly fight for the rule of law in Cuba.” … “All this” – in allusion to the trip of the US president to the island- “is a fallacy.” For her, “this friendship of Obama [with Raul] will not bring anything good to the Cuban people.” Five years later, and scores of U.S. diplomats with brain injuries, and a shuttered embassy indicates that Sirley was right. The attacks began in November 2016, just months after the President’s historic visit.

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  1. You know, I think Obama enjoyed his excellent Cuba adventure, and it showed. But again, I will not blame him nearly as much as I blame any Cuban(oid) for “validating” what he did and giving him cover. That’s always been a huge part of our problem–too many shitty Cubans.

    Don’t ask me how I feel about the role played in this vile business by a Latrine named Bergoglio who’s nominally the “Vicar of Christ.” Sometimes, it seems there is no end to hijeputez.

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