Cuba’s dictatorship among the most repressive regimes during COVID-19 pandemic

No surprise here, but the marked increase in brutal repression in communist Cuba is still not enough to get the left to even feign surprise. This is not a bug of socialist revolutions, it’s a feature.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Cuba among the governments that most oppressed its critics during the COVID-19 pandemic

Altering the statistics of infections and deaths is very common among governments that don’t allow truthful information to come to light.

In a report from Human Rights Watch published on February 11, Venezuela, Cuba, and China are among the 30 governments listed as using the COVID-19 pandemic to justify threats or punishment of critics.

At least 83 governments in the world have used the COVID-19 pandemic to justify violations against the exercise of free speech and peaceful gatherings.

Authorities have attacked, detained, arrested, and in some cases assassinated critics, dispersed peaceful protests, closed down publications, and imposed vague laws to criminalize speech that according to them threaten public health.

Victims include journalists, activists, healthcare workers, opposition political groups, and other actors that have criticized the government’s response to coronavirus.

For example, after criticizing the Venezuelan government’s response to COVID-19 in April, human rights lawyer Ivan Virguez was arrested and tortured by the illegitimate regime of Nicolas Maduro.

Or in the case of Chinese journalist Zhang Zhan, who traveled to Wuhan, China in February of 2020 to investigate the coronavirus outbreak in that city, he was later convicted and sentenced to four years in prison. The journalist was charged with the crime of “provoking problems.”

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  1. Well, it’s all about politics and ideology, certainly not about justice, truth or human rights. Thus, the left responds (or doesn’t) based on political and ideological considerations, since all others are moot.

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