Cuban political prisoner placed in punishment cell develops serious rash all over body

Cuba’s communist dictatorship continues to make dissident Luis Robles pay dearly for his crime of peacefully protesting in Havana by himself. Inhumane treatment is not a bug of socialist revolutions, it’s a feature.

Via Martí Noticias: (my translation):

Luis Robles released from punishment cell with serious rash on his skin, says brother

Political prisoner Luis Robles was recently placed in a punishment cell at the Combinado del Este maximum security prison in Havana for approximately seven days for “writing something,” of which it is not known.

Robles gave details of his punishment during a telephone call this past Wednesday with his brother, Landy Fernandez, who shared the information in an interview with Radio Martí.

“He’s been out of the punishment cell for several days now,” said Fernandez. “Supposedly he was writing some papers, or something like that, but I can’ tell you exactly what it was because I didn’t ask him about it.”

During the telephone conversation, Robles told his brother he got out of the punishment cell with rashes “due to an allergic reaction.”

“He came out with an allergic reaction,” said Fernandez, “a horrible allergy: [Robles] said his skin is bursting all over his body, it is seeping fluid, and in fact, he says when he sleeps the sheets stick to his skin.”

Regarding what could have caused the allergic reaction, Fernandez believes it’s because of “the filth, the extreme humidity that’s in the punishment cell.”

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  1. It’s only inhumane if the victimizer is right-wing. Castro, Inc. always gets special dispensation. Move along.

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