Second Edition of ‘Che Guevara’s Forgotten Victims’ is released

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Via Cuba Archive Project:

The pervasiveness and worldwide reach of a romanticized view of Che Guevara is a unique phenomenon of modern history that lacks grounding in critical facts. Having addressed many informational requests on Che Guevara from scholars, researchers, journalists, etc., in 2011 Cuba Archive decided to contribute to a bibliography woefully lacking on his victims with this compendium. It contained until then unpublished information including names, photographs, and stories of Guevara’s victims. This second edition, 54 pages long and available in both English and Spanish, contains updated lists of victims, new information, and the previously unrecorded testimony of the summary killing of two brothers from Vertientes, Camaguey, on Guevara’s orders alleged of being snitches. 

Following are brief excerpts from the book:

“Cuba’s Communist regime has committed egregious human rights violations for over six decades. Yet, it has been generally treated by the international community much more favorably than other dictatorships. This, in large part stems from a false legitimacy derived from its propaganda campaigns; they are among the most successful of all times.(…)

“Ion Mihai Pacepa, who defected to the West in 1978 when he was the head of Rumania’s intelligence services Securitate, confirms that Cuba’s intelligence service and propaganda machine mounted a campaign to plaster a romantic revolutionary façade over Cuban communism by making Che Guevara its poster boy. The Castro brothers, he claims, decided that because Che had been executed in Bolivia in 1968, he could be portrayed as a martyr of American imperialism. According to Pacepa, the KGB immediately supported the idea and Soviet satellite services, including Rumania’s, were ordered to lend a hand to “Operation Che.”  Pacepa explains that the iconic picture of Che Guevara taken by the Cuban photographer Korda (Alberto Díaz Gutiérrez) was introduced to the world by a KGB operative working undercover as a writer, I. Lavresky, in a book entitled Ernesto Che Guevara, edited by the KGB (Moscow: Progress Publishers, 1976). The KGB then disseminated Che’s photograph throughout South America and used the Italian communist Giangiacomo Feltrenelli, a millionaire publisher involved with the KGB, to flood the rest of the world with the photo in posters and t-shirts.” 

Che Guevara’s image, of course, has for decades enriched endless capitalist enterprises producing T-shirts, assorted paraphernalia and Hollywood movies. The irony of ironies, however, was reported by Cuban official media on December 30, 2020: The “National Industry Producer of Domestic Utensils (INPUD) Primero de Mayo” of Villa Clara, founded by Guevara on July 24, 1964, is now selling its products in the freely convertible currency stores (MLC), i.e. in parity with the US dollar. Thus, its production of kitchen utensils, fans, rice and multipurpose cookers, electrical outlets, electrical boxes, switches, lights and sinks, is now inaccessible to the average Cuban worker earning monthly salaries in Cuban pesos ranging from 2,100 to 9,510 Cuban pesos (US$35-$396). And they were already facing the scarcity of these products!

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  1. “Che” was entirely a Castro creature, even down to the nickname by which he became known. He never had any substantial involvement with his own country, but he definitely got his jollies from killing Cubans and screwing Cuba in general–because Fidel Castro, whose submissive bitch he totally was, chose to enable him, just as he later chose to abandon him to his fate in Bolivia. His toxic role in Cuba’s history is an eternal disgrace, because such a miserable alien should have had NO role in Cuba’s history at all.

    And by the way, if anybody thinks the usual suspects even remotely give a shit about Werlau’s evidence, dream on–same as with all true evidence regarding the Castro “revolution.”

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