Ghost enterprise of Cuban oligarchs Lopez-Callejas has dodged U.S. embargo for 37 years

Oligarchs Luis Alberto and Guillermo Faustino Rodriguez Lopez-Callejas

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Shocking! Top dogs of Castro, Inc. have been dodging the embargo for four decades through a corporation named Acemex Management Company Limited, which is based in the tiny nation of Liechtenstein. And it’s none other than the powerful Lopez-Callejas family who have been in charge of this enterprise.

Luis Alberto Rodríguez López-Callejas is not only King Raul Castro’s son-in-law, but also the top man in charge of Cuba’s corrupt apartheid tourist industry.

This very same family has generously provided the U.S. news media with one of its top Cuba “experts” Arturo Lopez-Levy, (formerly Lopez-Callejas), who can always be depended upon to regurgitate propaganda from the Ministry of Truth.

Top Cuba “expert” Lopez-Callejas (Levy)

Abridged and loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Acemex Management Company Limited, headquartered in the tax haven of Liechtenstein since 1984, has served the Cuban government for the past 37 years to avoid the United States trade embargo, according to an investigation by El Nuevo Herald.

Now it is revealed how a network of hidden fictitious companies and secret jurisdictions allowed Fidel and Raúl Castro, and now their military successors, to borrow money and buy, sell and charter the ships with chemicals, fuel and construction supplies necessary to build. the tourism sector and export minerals.

Acemex operates under the mantle of the brothers Guillermo Faustino and Luis Alberto Rodríguez López-Calleja, the latter brigadier general at the head of the GAESA military conglomerate and included in the United States’ blacklist in 2020.

This entity served as an umbrella consortium to cover dozens of other companies linked to Cuba, whose ties with the island had to be disguised to operate effectively.

Through Acemex, the brothers expanded the control of the Cuban military over economic activity and concentrated Cuba’s maritime transport and global logistics in a few hands, El Nuevo Herald notes.

In addition to providing European and Asian lenders and companies with a degree of coverage when operating in Cuba, the shell companies also opened opportunities for rulers to enrich themselves, the publication adds.

Acemex is at the top of the Cuban shipping pyramid, but in 2019 the Cuban Chamber of Commerce referred to it as a “foreign company” from Liechtenstein that manages “maritime and financial businesses.” In the Liechtenstein company registry, Acemex cites addresses in Havana for its directors.

Acemex “runs” several other shell companies – including some under US sanctions – that buy and sell ships and move cargo, charter vessels and crews under the flags of other countries, according to the investigation.

Thus, the cheap labor provided by Cuban sailors allows Havana, with liquidity problems, to obtain benefits in operations, especially since Acemex bills in dollars, but pays Cuban personnel in pesos.

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  1. Wait, did anyone expect such people NOT to do this sort of thing? I mean, yes, it’s good it’s been exposed, but I’m sure there’s more that hasn’t been. Powerful members of a criminal enterprise WILL break the law.

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