Video of the Day: Solidarity with Cuba’s courageous opposition

Dozens of dissidents in Cuba are on a hunger strike protesting the brutal oppression and corruption of the communist Castro dictatorship. The world must stand in solidarity with them.

Via Democratic Spaces:

In solidarity with Jose Daniel Ferrer and UNPACU activists in a Hunger Strike

In Santiago de Cuba a group of humble and courageous human rights activists led by José Daniel Ferrer García (former Amnesty International’s Prisoner of Conscience and Medal of Freedom laureate) started a hunger strike on March 20. The group is protesting an arbitrary decision by the regime to surround the national headquarters of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) with police to prevent the organization from delivering food, medications and offering medical attention to people in extreme poverty. For the past 18 days, UNPACU has been systematically repressed by the dictatorship and surrounded by more than 20 police agents in civilian clothes. The regime not content with imposing misery and oppression, blocks independent civil initiatives aimed to relief miserable conditions of vulnerable groups living in extreme poverty. Harassment and repression of UNPACU´s and the flaunting deployment of police to prevent an organization from delivering humanitarian is evidence of the Cuban regime imposes a blockade against its own people.

As UNPACU reaches day 14 of a hunger strike to protest these injustices and as the health of José Daniel Ferrer and all activists in a hunger strike deteriorates the need for more international support is more pressing than ever. Democratic Spaces calls upon civil society and government in Canada and around the world to raise a voice against the injustice and gross human rights violations perpetrated by the Cuban regime against the Patriotic Union of Cuba.

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