Communism in Cuba still suffers from the Messiah Syndrome

By Idaysi Capote in La Prima de Don Quixote (my translation):

Communism in Cuba still suffers from the Messiah Syndrome

Fidel Castro professed his hatred of God by trying to be greater and prohibiting Cubans from believing in Him. With his egotism moving at a thousand miles per hour, he believed himself to be omnipotent and omniscient.

He achieved omnipotence through an anti-Cuban dictatorship that has lasted more than six decades and the omniscience through the division he created among the people who he disunited by keeping the flag of fear and submission flying high. But his pretense of being the almighty and his desire to be better than everyone else gave him away.

The late-in-coming COVID-19 vaccinations — inexplicable for those who are unfamiliar with this regime — is based on the eternal manner of the nefarious and deceased leader of the inexplicable Cuban revolution. Scientists on the island have already spent more than a year trying to invent a vaccine that will eradicate the coronavirus from the world and they can sell to anyone they want despite the U.S. embargo. An embargo that doesn’t prevent the dictator-of-the-day to build stores that sell capitalist merchandise in U.S. dollars or luxury hotels for foreign tourists. They prefer to give daily death counts than to buy vaccines from the United States of America, the imaginary enemy.

The enemy, however, is on the inside. The leadership that governs and subdues the Cuban archipelago does not care about the lives of the people. They already got their vaccinations from the enemy . . . the Yankee Imperialists. Since 1959, the Castro dictatorship has blindly believed in the the Divine Trinity: “Made in the USA,” and not in God, the Son, or in the Holy Spirit. “The bad guys who make good things” is a popular phrase that has been coined to say everything that comes from the north is unsurpassed and of excellent quality.

Fidel Castro left behind the olive-green uniform he wore for years and ended up dying wearing an Adidas tracksuit. And this was not contradictory. In the last crucial phase of his dementia, he no longer could hide the fact that Cuba was too small for him. That he was an aristocrat in every sense of the word., just like his children, his brother Raul Castro, and everyone else who approaches his level of cruelty.

Easter makes me reflect on the hypocrisy of the elite who govern in Cuba by force. They use proliferated diseases like coronavirus to intimidate and prevent an uprising by Cubans who are living on the island suffering through a worldwide crisis. This is taken to its maximum by dictatorial laws that prohibit life without distress, without hunger, and all without liberty.

I would like to look at all this through the eyes of those who defend this diabolical system. I would like to see if they’re politically myopic, live off it, or get sadistic pleasure from seeing in the middle of the Caribbean a people faint from the lack of worldwide solidarity.

Miguel Diaz-Canel, the director of the Castro dictatorship, has turned out to be a prototypical robot with no humanity, as you would expect from something created in a laboratory. Diaz-Canel is the result of years of doctrine, and for him to have been chosen as a substitute for the Castro usurpers, his qualifications must have been exemplary.

This Castro-Robot, with a speaking style even more precarious than that of Nicolas Maduro — something you would think impossible to achieve — has crowned Cuba with the maximum expression of socialism: the impoverishment of the soul, the body, and the mind in the service of the cruelest power. His weekly speeches increase the suffering of the Greater Antilles, which are already too much.

Like Hitler, Fidel Castro will always be the antitheses of humanity; the only true love he ever felt was for himself.

I dare to say that I love the U.S.A. because so much hate sometimes rubs against love. Moreover, I believe if the Empire of the North did not exist, I would have no reason to live with the demonic forces they always told me were there.

Getting Cubans on the island vaccinated, that’s the question. There is no way to show justice if it’s not done with products already proven effective throughout the world. And calling for free elections in Cuba would not be allowed, even if God himself asked for it.

The Messiah Syndrome is also applied by the Castro-Robot, who every day offers himself to the spirit — unholy in every way — of Fidel Castro, who drank his Coca-Cola, lived life how he wanted, and really enjoyed visiting New York City.

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  1. Makes no difference to the usual suspects. None. They’re just happy to praise Castro, Inc. for its “revolutionary” vaccine, or whatever the scam may be. We really need to stop expecting any better.

  2. To whom it may concern,

    If my previous comment is “awaiting moderation” (a.k.a being censored) simply because it strayed away from the beaten path of stablished American propaganda not bound to Cuba (government pushed distortion of the truth), because it stated inconvenient facts, because it challenged cartoonish falsehoods (and the intelligence of those who echo them), and because it established an honest conversation, you can certainly count me out.


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