Venezuela is now the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, dead last, ranked BELOW Haiti

Vamos bien! Ghost of Chavez adorns his handiwork

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Haitians have something to celebrate. Thanks to socialism, their country is no longer the poorest in the Western hemisphere.

Castro, Inc. has a lot to do with Venenozuela’s decline and collapse. But, of course, more blame will be cast on U.S. “hostility” rather than Cuban “friendship” in the news media.

So it goes.

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Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The figures from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are not at all flattering for Chavismo in its economic management in Venezuela. This year 2021, according to the agency, Venezuela will have the worst record in the continent with a 10% contraction, which adds to the 30% drop in gross domestic product (GDP) in 2020 and a forecast of another 5% drop for 2022.

The continuous decline in GDP began in 2013, under the government of Nicolás Maduro, although various analysts locate the origins of the crisis in the aftermath of the government of Hugo Chávez, who in 2012 was more concerned with his health and getting reelection.

Between 2013 and 2020, GDP has fallen by almost 80%, last year being the most critical since the Covid-19 pandemic fueled the economic crisis that was present in Venezuela.

“This IMF report collects a series of data unthinkable until a few years ago: Venezuela already surpasses Haiti in the statistical indicator of poverty most used by experts in the world,” says Venezuelan journalist Omar Lugo, with long experience in coverage international economic.

The per capita income of Haiti in 2021 will be 1,938 dollars, according to the IMF, and the same indicator for Venezuela will be 1,541 dollars. (Cuba does not appear in this IMF report.)

“It is about per capita income, that is, what part of the wealth (or poverty) pie corresponds to each inhabitant of a country”, explains Lugo when asked by DIARIO DE CUBA.

It is the first time that Haiti does not occupy the position of the poorest country in the American continent, in the indexes of specialized international organizations.

“This is something hard to assimilate when talking about a world-class oil export, which until a few decades ago was the richest country in Latin America and was a pole to attract migrants from the rest of the hemisphere and Europe,” explains Lugo, who is the director of El Estímulo, a news and analysis portal.

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Meanwhile, back in the Imperial capital of Havana…..

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  1. But remember, this is NOT due to “real” socialism. And where are Venezuela’s fabulous oil reserves? Bien, gracias–still being used to keep Castro, Inc. afloat, which is all that really matters.

    This situation defies belief, but then again, we’re talking about Latrine America.

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