Venezuela to produce experimental Cuban COVID vaccine

Cuban COVID vaccine research lab

From our Bureau of Very Risky Innoculations with some assistance from our Bureau of Sub-Third World Pandemic Control

Would you like to be innoculated with a vaccine developed in Castrogonia and produced in its colony of Venenozuela? And, oh, Iran seems to be involved too.

Your reply?……. [silence] …. [more silence] …. [extended silence] ……

I see. I thought so…..

Good news! You’ll be among the first to get the Cuban-Venezuelan-iranian vaccine!

From Mehr News Agency (Iran)

The academies of medicine and science as well as health-sector workers have urged the government of President Nicolas Maduro to speed up a stalled vaccination campaign, Reuters reported.

The Venezuelan government, which has received 750,000 vaccines from Russia’s Sputnik V and China’s Sinopharm, says the country has been unable to buy vaccines because of US sanctions that have frozen assets in offshore accounts.

“Today we have visited this plant to verify that there are sufficient conditions – which there are – for the production of the Abdala vaccine,” Rodriguez told state television during a visit to the plant.

She added that Venezuela would participate in the Phase III trials of the vaccine, without providing details on the start date or the number of people to be involved.

Cuba began late-phase trials in March of two of its five experimental shots, Soberana 2 and Abdala, which will be Latin America’s first homegrown COVID-19 vaccines.

The trials for Abdala will be completed in July and the first results will be published in August, according to state media.

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  1. Imagine the general outrage if something anywhere near this dubious were being done by right-wing types. The hypocrisy and absolutely deliberate double standard is beyond contemptible.

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