First 3 months of 2021 an absolute disaster for Cubans in Cuba, just like the previous 732 months

From our Bureau of the Obvious

Good luck finding this piece of news in the press outlets of the world.

61 years of Castroism times 12 months equals 732 months. Add three more to that.

This is the truth that Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Truth and its enablers refuse to admit.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

The Cuban Center for Human Rights, led by the economist and former prisoner of conscience, Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello, indicated in its report on the month of March that the first quarter of the year has been “disastrous for Cuban society and the Cuban economy.”

The third wave of the virus arrived in March and “it is an open secret that doctors have to hide the reality of deaths from the pandemic and certificates are prepared for other causes of death.”

Regarding the economy, “Prime Minister Manuel Marrero said that food production was the most sensitive issue facing the country at the moment and that it was a national security problem; in the same way, he let those present in the session know that the people do not eat plans ”.

“An ‘achievement’ of the economy is indisputable: wages are paid in pesos, a devalued and useless currency and purchases are made in US dollars,” the report lamented.

“The national nightmare continues without solution and worsening at a rate that contradicts any official claim to achieve‘ food sovereignty. ” The month of March ended with a worrying decrease in the sale of chicken, the only meat whose distribution maintained a certain regularity, although insufficient to satisfy the demand; and the almost total disappearance of fruits, meats, and vegetables from agricultural markets. It is not said in the news, but the vast majority of Cubans have ignored the epidemiological crisis caused by the Chinese virus, to deal with the challenge posed by their own survival, “says the text.

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  1. As long as Cubans get some kind of “free” health care and any sort of “free” education for the usual suspects to harp on, it’s all good. Remember, we’re talking third-world. Nobody expects much.

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