Cuba can’t import any COVID vaccines because it can’t pay for them

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The world’s news outlets are making a big deal out of Castrogonia’s development of its own COVID vaccine. They all say: What a great triumph! Naturally, no one has bothered to check whether that untested vaccine is any good.

And no one will ever check, either.

And no one is bothering to report something else related to this piece of news: The fact that Cuba has no money with which to buy REAL vaccines from abroad and its population is at very high risk right now, with five strains of the virus and six mutations. All this as the rest of the world gets vaccinated.

Meanwhile, Venezuelan puppet Nicolas Maduro boasts that his colony will produce millions of the untested Cuban vaccine.

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Loosely translated from CiberCuba:

Cuba cannot import vaccines against Covid-19 because it does not have the money to do so. This has been recognized by Dr. Luis Herrera Martínez, genetic engineer and scientific and commercial advisor to the BioCubaFarma Group.

In an interview with Cubadebate, the also founder of the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, assured that if Cuba had to immunize its population with one of the vaccines on the market, it would need more than 30 million doses. “That is multiplied by the price of each dose in the market … That money, today, is not available,” he acknowledged.

In the international market, the prices of anti-coronavirus vaccines range from 3 euros (4 dollars) that the cheapest dose costs (AstraZeneca); the 8 euros paid for the Russian Sputnik and the Johnson & Johnson injection; the 17 euros to be paid for those from Pfizer and BioNTech up to 31 euros for Moderna ($ 37 per dose), according to the website.

Dr. Herrera clung to the United States embargo and the country’s current financial situation, with a public deficit of more than 86.7 million pesos (86,744,500 according to Prensa Latina), to explain that they ruled out the import of vaccines when contemplating the possibility that the coronavirus is prolonged in time and the need to reactivate the vaccine.

Likewise, he justified having given up receiving vaccines from the Covax solidarity fund because, in his opinion, these injections are being distributed at an insufficient rate, so vaccination in the participating countries will take “months or years”

Dr. Herrera believes that since Cuba has the possibility of developing several vaccine candidates, it makes no sense to ask why the country does not import vaccines, he stressed, ignoring that the pandemic is out of control on the island, where five strains have already been detected virus and six mutations.

If finally the Cuban prototypes are successful, they will be used “for exchange and cooperation with other countries: from the region, Africans, Asians, and others that are interested,” he said.

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  1. Even if the usual suspects reported that Castrogonia is a miserable economic failure that cannot pay for real vaccines (though it can pay for real repression), they’d blame it on the embargo and/or Trump.

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