FACE demands an apology from the Miami Herald after hateful attack on Cuban American community

After a hateful attack on the Cuban American community by columnist Fabiola Santiago, the non-profit organization Facts About Cuban Americans, is demanding an apology from the Miami Herald:

Here is the letter from FACE:

TO: Miami Herald, Ms. Nancy A. Meyer – President, Ms. Monica R. Richardson – Executive Editor, Ms. Nancy Ancrum – Editorial Page Editor

RE: Facts About Cuban Exiles (FACE) replies to charges of racism.

Ms. Fabiola Santiago’s column of April 7, 2021, The Miami Herald “Miami’s Republican Cuban Americans need to soul search and confront their racism”. We at FACE, Facts About Cuban Exiles, a non-partisan, non-political organization, reject the charge of racism, so dangerously thrown around by this writer against our fellow Cuban Americans who belong or vote for one party.

We demand an apology to the community that comprises 34% of the population of Miami-Dade. How can this newspaper publish such hateful language? It is unacceptable to call any group racists; a scarlet letter we will not wear. She claims to wear “veiled and blatant comments every day”. We certainly do not hear this among our friends and associates. We continue to be proud of who we are, and where we came from.

No Ms. Santiago, Cubans are not racists. No, anyone that does not agree with your political views is not racist. Being Cuban does not give you the right to libel. It is dangerous and reckless behavior.

We do not accept being associated with implicit bias, and racism. Our community–and our organization– has worked hard for the improvement of a society characterized by the greatest advancements in human history in the social, economic, and political realms. These charges are tearing the fabric of U.S. society, and we will not stand by in the face of this vicious and divisive attack.

Ms. Santiago calls “deterioration” what happened when many Cubans supported one candidate and party in the last election. This is an example of her dangerous tearing apart which counters everything FACE stands for, which is goodwill among all sectors of the Miami-Dade community.

No, Ms. Santiago, we have not been bitten by the “hate bug,” Cuban Americans prioritize freedom of expression and education, which must go together. You charge Republican Cuban Americans with bigotry “during the mostly peaceful BLM protests.” It should be self-evident that Americans, Democrat or Republican, must reject looting, fires, and especially physical attacks, on people and police. People must not be marginalized for expressing views Ms. Santiago disagrees with. Ms. Santiago, we are not ashamed of our people. You are apparently a true believer in what you charge. We are equally true believers; we believe in the decency of our people.


Ed Garcia
Chairman of the Board

10 thoughts on “FACE demands an apology from the Miami Herald after hateful attack on Cuban American community”

  1. And of course, Santiago is as pure as the driven snow, just like the outfit that pays her to write such stuff, unlike “those people.” All hail Fabiola the Virtuous and those who (surprise!) made damn sure to employ her!

    Let’s just say I wouldn’t let the Miami Herald into my home even if it was free and came with a daily complimentary box of chocolates. Talk about beneath contempt.

  2. It wouldn’t surprise me if the author of the original article liked to wear a Che tee shirt in a predominantly Cuban area, and attack anyone who had a Trump sign or a U.S. flag outside their house as “racist xenophobic monsters” or some such nonsense.

  3. The Miami Herald has throughout the last 62 years distinguished itself by its extreme hostility against the Cuban American community, a hostility that if directed against chicanos, jews, blacks or LGBTQ would have produced a tsunami sized wave of outrage ending in a total discreditation of the paper. The Herald in part skirts the outrage by hiring Cuban sellouts who are welling to throw their own community under the bus for a job. Some of the sellouts from the pass include the odious Max Castro, Ana Menendez, a Cuban writer whose name now escapes me [the one who was caught soliciting sex from a minor] and now Fabiola Santiago. These writers usually last a few years, but eventually become descredited [when their bias becomes too obvious] and the Herald then finds a new Cubanoid to take their place. Fabiola Santiago has become so outrageous that I predict her usefulness is coming to an end.

    • Oh, that list is incomplete. Remember the Pérez-Stable woman, among others? We’re talking about a veritable tradition at the Herald. My primary beef is not with the individual dirtbags, appalling though they are, for such people have always been with us and aren’t about to go extinct (see cockroaches). In other words, they require enabling (not unlike a certain Fidel Castro did).

      It’s those who do the enabling, especially knowingly and maliciously, who are the most culpable and contemptible–particularly the ones who act by proxy and then go “Oh, we didn’t say that; it’s just so-and-so’s opinion. We’re just being, you know, balanced.” Lord, the disgust.

      • Oh definitely, the enablers [read this as the management of the Miami Herald] are the worst. The detestable Cubanoids willing to throw their own community under the bus are nothing more than minions of the management. Those repulsive minions if in Cuba would have been the neighborhood snitches, the jefes del comite de la cuadra who keep everything under control for that extra ration of eggs or additional chicken leg at the end of the month.

      • If memory serves, she was barely of legal age, like 18 or 19, not that her age changes what he was doing–especially since, if I recall correctly, he was married and had young daughters. As I remember, the Miami Herald ran a single brief, not to say microscopic, item on the matter, nowhere near the front page, and I don’t believe El Nuevo Herald covered the story at all. Imagine that.

      • Thanks Alberto. Yep, that’s who I was thinking of, Oscar Corral! His career was cut rather short, otherwise he would have been attacking Cubans for a few more years. As I mentioned earlier, these anti-Cuban Cuban writers usually last a few years until they themselves become so discredited [ their bias becomes even too extreme for the management] that they are replaced by another journalist. There’s no end to it. When the Fabiola woman is retired by the management, there’ll be another Cubanoid waiting in the wings to take her place.

  4. For those Cuban Americans who somehow overlooked the many prior instances of the Herald outfit insulting and disrespecting our community and kept materially supporting the damn rags, here’s a chance to assert your dignity and affirm your self-respect: PULL THE PLUG, and not just on the English version, because the Spanish one is not significantly better. Nobody needs that kind of, uh, journalism, such as it is.

    • Asombra,

      I agree Asombra. Cubans are the biggest enablers of the Herald. They keep it alive. All Cubans should terminate their subscriptions and stop buying copies of the Herald on the street. Nowadays with the internet at their disposal and access to other papers at their fingertips, there is absolutely no excuse to keep subscribing to that awful paper. I will never understand why Cubans allow this level of disrespect? Any other community would have stopped this nonsense a long time ago. Another case of this is the Miami Archdiocese with that horrendous Wenski prelate who totally disrespects the Cuban community. Can you imagine a prelate from Los Angeles who supports building the Wall and sending all undocumented Mexicans back? , He would last as long as un merenguito en la puerta de un colegio.

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