Cuban Armed Forces Minister unceremoniously relieved of command by Castro dictatorship

I love the smell of communist purges in the morning. It smells like desperation.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

Cuba: Revolutionary Armed Forces Minister relieved of command

On Thursday Army General Leopoldo Cintra Frias, Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) in Cuba, was relieved of command.

According to information posted on social media, the news was announced during the midday state-run news broadcast on April 15.

State-run media outlet Rebel Youth reported that he will be replaced by Army General Alvaro Lopez Miera.

“Army General Leopoldo Cintra Frias will be reassigned to other duties,” said the news report.

Lopez Miera, who is also called a Hero of the Cuban Republic, will leave his post as First Deputy Minister Chief of the General Staff.

The change in military command comes just one day before the start of the 8th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC), which will run from April 16 to the 19th.

There has been unrest among the ranks of the FAR and Interior Ministry (MININT). In late February, a group of former officials, including Brigadier General Rafael del Pino, published a manifesto calling for the start of a “movement among conscientious objectors in the Cuban military.”

The proposal points out that “while the entire country is suffering in poverty, a corrupt caste of high-ranking officials and bureaucrats have created a mafia state and live a luxurious life.”

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3 thoughts on “Cuban Armed Forces Minister unceremoniously relieved of command by Castro dictatorship”

  1. They probably had no choice. I expect the old fart is largely non-functional by now and is simply being put out to pasture. I doubt this means much, except being another sign of decrepitude.

  2. I one met a man who worked on a farm owned by this guy (was paid starvation wages)
    and among the things he told me was that the guy owned hundred of ostriches and camels.

  3. When this “general” first hooked up with the Castro rabble, I mean rebels, he was reportedly mixed up in marijuana trafficking. One had to be REALLY marginal to be in that line of “work” in Cuba in the 1950s, but that made him a prime recruit for the “revolution.” There were a LOT of, uh, dysfunctional types in the Castro entourage, a leading example being the asthmatic Argentine asshole with hygiene issues–and yes, this is the crowd to whom Cubans turned over EVERYTHING. Calling it suicidal lunacy is being kind.

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