Young Cuban dissident facing 6 years in prison for holding up a cardboard protest sign

This is the “social justice” you find in communist Cuba where peacefully holding up a cardboard protest sign can get you 6 years in the gulag. This is socialism in action.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Prosecutors call for 6-year prison sentence for Luis Robles, accuse him of ‘responding to a call’ by influencer Otaola

Prosecutors are calling for 6 years in prison for the young man who peacefully protested for the release of Denis Solis, an opposition musician and member of the San Isidro Movement, with a cardboard sign. News of the prosecution’s intentions comes to Radio Television Martí from a family member of Luis Robles Elizastigui.

The young man, who was born in Guantanamo and was residing in Old Havana, is currently imprisoned at the Combinado del Este prison, and has been held incommunicado from family members for the past six months. This week he was accused of the crimes of “enemy propaganda and disobedience,” said his brother Landy Fernandez Elizastigui.

Radio Television Martí was able to access the document from the prosecution where it is claimed Robles Elizastigui is “responsible as a perpetrator, according to article 1812a of the Penal Code for the crimes of intentional Enemy Propaganda as described in article 103.1a of the Penal Code and the crime of intentional Disobedience as described in article 147.1 of the Penal Code.”

“The accused, Luis Robles Elizastigui, should be sentenced to 6 years of prison for the crimes of Enemy Propaganda and 1 year in prison for the crime of Disobedience with a combined total prison time of 6 years,” says the document.

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