Cuban American soldiers who fought in the Bay of Pigs deserve veteran status

They not only fought for Cuba’s freedom, many of these Cuban soldiers went on to fight in foreign lands for the United States.

Larry Provost in Townhall:

Bay of Pigs Soldiers Should be Given Veteran Status

There is a small number of brave warriors who fought for the United States, and their Cuban homeland, that have been relegated to the sidelines and not given the recognition they deserve as official U.S. Veterans.

Sixty years ago this week, Cuban exiles trained and supplied by the United States landed at the Bay of Pigs in Cuba in an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the Communist dictatorship of Fidel Castro.

The exiles that formed Brigade 2506 were driven from Cuba after Castro came to power in early 1959. The exiles hoped to liberate their homeland and, with President Eisenhower’s approval, were trained in Guatemala and in the United States by the CIA and the American military. Plans were presented to land the exiles, from staging areas in Guatemala and Nicaragua, in Cuba to start a counterrevolution against the Communist regime. After the inauguration of John F. Kennedy in January 1961 the new President approved the landing action. Legendary CIA personnel such as David Atlee Phillips were involved in the operation as were some American Service Members.

While the plan formulated under President Eisenhower called for air support for the landing, JFK refused to provide air cover for the exiled Brigade. Kennedy believed that the U.S. providing air cover would expose U.S. involvement and direction of the operation despite rumors of the upcoming invasion being broadcast on Radio Moscow and a preliminary air strike being launched two days before the invasion by American planes that had been painted over.

With the cover of Brigade 2506 essentially blown, the invasion nevertheless went ahead at U.S. behest on April 17, 1961. And despite the fact that the Brigade needed help in order to survive, let alone have a successful operation, once upon shore their requests for repeated help were almost completely denied.

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4 thoughts on “Cuban American soldiers who fought in the Bay of Pigs deserve veteran status”

  1. I know it’s established beyond any reasonable doubt, but JFK was such a fraudulent false front. Talk about a miserable postalita. And to think any Cuban can possibly support the Dems. Vamos bien.

  2. Every time that I look at that photograph it gets me angry. What a POS JFK was. He betrayed the Cuban Freedom Fighters and then invited them to the Oranage Bowl and made false promises [and don’t forget Jacqueline patronizing us by speaking Spanish] and it was all damage control! Aagghhh!

    The Brigade shouldn’t have even agreed to that farce. Hope that JFK is burning in Hell next to Castro and Che.

    • Yes, it was ALL about damage control. It would have been better if he’d simply cancelled the invasion. He never gave a shit about Cuba, but he cared BIG time about his political standing and future–though I’m pretty sure his atrocious Cuba policy is what ultimately got him killed.

  3. Part of the problem, of course, is that Cubans assumed too much about the US, which may have been understandable but proved seriously mistaken. That included, pre-1959, letting themselves be influenced by the breathlessly pro-Castro stance of the New York Times (a source which has continued to be dangerously overrated to this day). In other words, Cubans were fooled, deceived or suckered all around.

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