Spanish newspaper reports cancer and onset of Alzheimer’s forced Cuban dictator’s retirement

While the communist Castro family dictatorship remains in power, we may never know the real reasons why Cuban dictator Raul Castro “retired.” Spain’s ABC newspaper is reporting the retirement was forced due to colon cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other health issues.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Colon cancer and the possible onset of Alzheimer’s prevent Raul Castro from leading the PCC (Cuban Communist Party)

Cuban dictator Raul Castro announced on Friday he would step down as leader of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC)., and it appears the decision was prompted by his deteriorating health due to cancer in the esophagus and colon.

According to Spanish newspaper ABC, the 90-year-old leader suffers from cancer in the esophagus and colon, which causes extreme and chronic diarrhea.

Furthermore, Castro is also suffering from cirrhosis of the liver caused by his alcoholism in the past in addition to the beginnings of dementia that include “loss of memory and frequently being disoriented,” which appear to be brought on not only by his advanced age, but also the strong medication he is taking for his other illnesses.

Sources close to the leader told ABC that the symptoms are “in line with a neurodegenerative disease,” which although not specific, their description confirms the general is suffering from the onset of Alzheimer’s.

According to the sources his illnesses not only impede Castro from leading the party, but have also significantly reduced his quality of life. At the moment, he requires a colostomy bag attached to him at all times.


According to the report, the Cuban dictator spends the majority of his time in his hometown of Biran in the Holguin province. He is regularly transported to Havana to be treated at the Center for Surgical Medical Investigations located on 216 street in Siboney.

The report also says cost has been no object in his care, while the rest of the population has to make due with a Cuban health system that cannot provide basic medications or medical supplies for surgeries such as stitches or colostomy bags. Castro has had no issues getting all the treatment he needs for his illnesses.

Castro has delegated power gradually, although he has remained in control of all the important decisions made in regards to the island.

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  1. Whether or not this is true, he is bound to die before too long, so I am warning you people ahead of time NOT to show any sign of satisfaction or express anything along the lines of “good riddance.” We would not want to distress the New York Times, which is already traumatized from “those people” celebrating the death of Fidel. If the NYT does any more pearl-clutching, those pearls are going to wind up strewn all over the damn floor. Remember, we are not to offend our betters, so just think Cubanoid.

  2. It just occurred to me: since one fake star is worth the same as any number of fake stars, meaning nada, the “general” could have covered himself with stars from head to toe and called himself General Galactic.

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