Petition asks Madame Toussauds Museum in NYC to remove wax effigy of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro


From our Bureau of Extremely Polite Iconoclasm

Are you angry at Fidel Castro? Angry about the recent meeting of the Cuban Communist Party, at which “continuity” with the legacy of Fidel was ratified?

Angry that you can’t punch Raul Castro in the face or spit on Fidel’s grave? Angry that you can’t rip up the Cuban flag tee-shirt worn by Trucutú Díaz-Canel?

Do you want to irritate Wokenoids by playing their own cancel culture game?

Well, here’s your chance to let off some steam politely and harmlessly. Sign a petition that asks Madame Toussauds’ museum in New York to remove Wax Fidel from its collection, where he stands in between Wax Mandela, Wax Arafat, and Wax Ghandi.

Or, start a petition of your own that asks Madame Toussauds to replace its current effigy of Wax Fidel with a more appropriate one of Zombie Fidel.

Or just watch the video below over and over again…and meditate on the insults hurled at Wax Fidel by an unidentified Cuban….

Whatever…. When one is powerless against evil and stupidity, quixotic gestures can sometimes relieve stress.

Abridged and loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

A petition on the platform asks to remove the “wax figure of the dictator Fidel Castro Ruz” at the Madame Tussauds Museum in New York, United States.

The members of the La Esquina de la Libertad Platform and the Rescatando Cuba group consider Castro’s figure “a great offense for the thousands of victims of the Castro regime” and “a praise for evil.”

“For 62 years the Cuban people have been victims of the communist system implanted by the dictator Fidel Castro Ruz. His followers and he were responsible for thousands of executions and cruel torture of innocent people whose only crime was to think differently,” says the petition.

“Constant disappearances still occur on the island, as well as caused accidents, suspicious deaths and the inoculation of fatal diseases to those who openly manifest a criterion opposed to that of the dictatorship. As if that were not enough, they still apply mandatory exile, prohibiting them thus the entry to the homeland to many Cubans, “he adds.

“For millions of Cubans the figure of Fidel Castro has the same meaning that (Adolf) Hitler has for the Jews. As the United States is the country with the most Cuban immigration, the presence of such a bloody dictator is of great pain and deep humiliation for us. in a museum of such prestige. We ask that the wax figure of Castro be removed from its exhibition out of respect for the oppressed people of Cuba and the families of the victims of such a bloody tyrant, “says the petition.

More than 500 people have signed the petition, as of press time. The promoters of this initiative recalled the more than three million Cubans forced to emigrate to other countries due to the situation on the island, the thousands of Cubans who lost their lives at sea and the more than 130 political prisoners in Cuba.

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3 thoughts on “Petition asks Madame Toussauds Museum in NYC to remove wax effigy of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro”

  1. Well, he certainly belongs next to Arafat, so there is that. But of course nobody finds FC offensive except “those people.” Heaven knows practically nobody finds “Che” offensive–even Pope John Paul II wouldn’t condemn him, though he had zero excuse for being “clueless” about any communist. This is very old shit.

  2. I don’t think that this is a good battle to pursue. My understanding is that Madame Toussaud’s, also, has Adolf Hilter, Mao Zedong, Ghengis Khan, Vlad the Impaler, etc… and nobody to my knowledge complains about those tyrants. This campaign in my humble opinion makes us seem petty. I think that there are better battles we can pursue like the mainstream media’s current propaganda making Raul Castro’s “retirement” look like a legitimate transition.

  3. I adored the video.

    How about a new game.

    Let there be sturdy versions of the bastards of the world. And let ordinary citizens make appointments to spit at them, curse at them and smack them in the face. Wouldn’t that be a hoot? If there are waiting lists and lines, I’d bet they’d be longest for Castro and Che. And wouldn’t that surprise the public?

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