Video of the Day: What it’s like to live under communism in Cuba

Spoiler alert: It’s not the utopian fantasy socialists are trying to sell you. In fact, it’s the complete opposite.

Via The Daily Signal:

Rafael Diaz has experienced firsthand the oppression of a communist regime. Until the age of 9, he lived in Cuba under the rule of dictator Fidel Castro.

From surprise searches of his home in the wee hours to an education laced with Marxist ideology, Diaz offers a vivid glimpse of the actual manifestations of an ideology that so many Americans not only have become comfortable with but outright support. 

“You’d always get used to the military with their machine guns,” Diaz, who now owns a salon in Brandon, Florida, tells The Daily Signal. “Sometimes at 3 in the morning, 2 in the morning, we would hear this bang on our door. I remember I would get up and [be told,] ‘Go back to bed! Go back to bed!’ And they would be in there with their machine guns, checking all the drawers in our house to see what we had.”

Here, in the video above, is Diaz’s story—and his warning to those who want to drive our nation closer to being a socialist system.

1 thought on “Video of the Day: What it’s like to live under communism in Cuba”

  1. Trouble is, “progressives” think they “get” Cuba better than we do, so of course they think they get socialism and/or communism better than we do. Some of that is no doubt woeful ignorance (as in not knowing WTF they’re talking about), but some of its is utterly delusional presumptuousness and arrogance (which may not be so much delusion as it is hijeputez).

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