Video of the Day: Cubans protest, confront police yelling ‘Down with the dictatorship!’

The situation grows more tense in communist Cuba as more Cubans are beginning to rise up against the Castro family dictatorship and the oppressive socialist revolution that has left them starving.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

With his cellphone in hand, Activist Adrian Miguel Gongora Santiesteban was able to capture a video of a popular protest that took place on Wednesday in the city of Las Tunas. The protest was aimed at government inspectors who were ticketing a neighbor who attempted to sell some potted medicinal plants.

For 20 minutes and right up until the moment police take Gongora Santiesteban by surprise and grab him in a chokehold, the young man from Las Tunas filmed a scene that is growing more frequent among the exhausted Cuban population.

One woman screamed “Down with the dictatorship,” “no more dictatorship!” She was the first person to step up to defend the man being fined as well as Adrian Gongora, who evaded authorities who wanted to take away his “only weapon,” “my only defense,” and was joined by a chorus of voices calling for the end of the dictatorship.

“Thieves! None of you produce anything, you live off what you steal from us! Go ahead, call State Security, I’m not afraid of you anymore,” the woman yelled at police as all looked surprised to see the protest escalate so quickly.