Several Cubans burned by exploding croquettes sold in state-owned stores

Image: Diario Las Americas

Yet another glorious achievement of communist Cuba’s socialist revolution: Exploding croquetas.

Via NBC News:

Cubans denounce sale of exploding croquettes that have caused severe burns

People have been complaining about exploding croquettes on social media for months, posting photos of people with burns on their faces, eyes and torsos.

Ricardo Pimentel bought croquettes at a state-owned establishment in Cuba at the beginning of March to make for his 12-year-old daughter.

Pimentel, 54, brought his own container to take them home in, and as can be the case with other foods sold on the communist island, the food had no packaging listing ingredients, cooking instructions or nutrition information.

He put the familiar croquetas, as they’re called in Spanish, in a frying pan with oil on the stove, waited for it to get hot and put some of the croquettes in to cook. Soon after, the croquettes disintegrated like dynamite, shooting sparks of oil into the air.

“I fried them as usual and let them toast a little bit, because my little girl likes them that way. But when I got closer to look at them, one exploded and bathed my face and chest in boiling oil. Then all the others began to explode,” he told Noticias Telemundo from the province of Camagüey, in the center of the island. “I still have the burn marks.”

On Facebook, Daysel Pimentel, his son, posted pictures of his father’s burns with some sarcastic remarks that at first poked fun at the incident — he joked that CIA “commandos” had infiltrated a Cuban food factory and put highly explosive ingredients in croquettes — but he then accused the government of selling croquettes that were not appropriate for human consumption as people went hungry.

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  1. Savages shouldn’t be eating croquettes. They should be eating what they can find in the wild. This is what happens when people don’t accept their proper place in the scheme of things. Serves them right.

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